5 Things You’ll Want Covered by Your Boat Insurance Policy

If you own and operate a personal boat, there are a number of things you’re going to want to be covered by your boat insurance policy. Saucon Insurance serves those in the Bethlehem, PA area who are looking for the boat and other kinds of insurance. Here are five things you’re going to want to be covered in your boat insurance policy:

1. The Places Where You Are Planning to Boat

If you want to boat more than 75 miles off of the U.S. Coastline, you may need to purchase additional area coverage in order to ensure you’ve protected the areas where you are planning on going boating. 

2. Medical Expenses

Should you have an accident while boating and people are injured, having medical coverage for injury-related expenses can be useful. 

3. Boat Damage and Fuel Leakage

If your boat is damaged at some point and fuel spills into the water, then you could be held responsible as the owner fo the boat. Being covered on this point by your policy will mean fewer expenses should this happen.

4. Liability

You can acquire liability insurance, which functions similarly to car insurance. If you’re at-fault in a boating accident, then the insurance would cover the damages to other boats and any of the other party’s medical expenses that are incurred. 

5. Agreed Value 

Having coverage for your boat’s agreed valued, the value that it’s insured at can mean if it’s destroyed or stolen you can get back that full amount. 

If you’re looking for boat insurance and are located in the Bethlehem, PA area, contact Saucon Insurance today for more information. 


About General Liability Insurance In Pennsylvania

Small businesses are intricate parts of the economic sector in Pennsylvania. Among the thousands of companies in the state, more than 49 percent were small businesses with fewer than 500 employees. With so many entrepreneurs fueling the financial aspect of the region, it is essential to know about commercial liability insurance in Pennsylvania. Of course, Saucon Insurance Agency can help you find the best policy that will suit your needs in Bethlehem, PA. Here are a few other concepts about general liability insurance that you should know if you own a small business in Pennsylvania. 

Commercial Liability Insurance Protects Your Company

Financial loss can be significant when your business loses a lawsuit or falls prey to thieves who damage your physical property. Imagine your boat and wildlife company having to close for an extended period because of a break-in that left you without money and supplies. General liability insurance may cover some of the expenses related to the incident so that you can reduce out-of-pocket costs. The indemnity plan may also include costs associated with employee injuries and lawsuit costs such as lawyer fees and court assessments. 

General Liability Insurance Protects Against Financial Loss Caused By Frivolous Lawsuits

Pennsylvania is, unfortunately, ranked among the nation’s top states for petty lawsuits. The state’s constitution does not limit non-economic damages in liability suits and, thus, inevitably invites those who are looking for a quick payout to bring up frivolous charges against small businesses. You could easily find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit if a patron spills hot coffee on himself after leaving your coffee shop. It is in such instances of utter pettiness that you need a lawyer to fight for your innocence and assets. You also need an indemnity plan that pays out while you defend the integrity of your company in court. 

The amount of commercial liability insurance you obtain mainly depends on the type of business you have in Bethlehem, PA. Let an agent at Saucon Insurance Agency help you find the right policy. Contact us for a quote today!

Upgrade Motorcycle Insurance

If you ride a motorcycle, having adequate motorcycle insurance is critical. Keeping your insurance up-to-date is just as important.

There are some good reasons to upgrade your motorcycle insurance coverage. For example, an insurance review is a good idea if you move, change jobs, change parking, add or subtract users, add customized parts to your motorcycle, or make modifications that increase its value.

Moving, Changing Jobs, or Changing How Your Motorcycle is Parked

Keep your agent, at Saucon Insurance Agency serving Bethlehem, PA, informed if you plan to move or if how you park your motorcycle changes. For example, if you plan to park your motorcycle inside a secured garage at home or at work when it was previously parked outside let our agent know.

If you use your motorcycle to commute to work and you change jobs that significantly changes the distance of your commute, also it is a good idea to let your agent know.

Changing Riders and/or Users

This one is easy to overlook. If those who use your motorcycle change, be sure to inform your insurance agent. It is always a good idea to be open about how a motorcycle is being used so that you get the best advice about insurance coverage from your agent. This will help to avoid any potential problems later.


Many motorcycle owners continue to work on them making customized improvements. This can increase the value of a motorcycle. Be sure to inform your agent if you do any new customized work that needs to be covered by insurance.

For these changes or any others, reach out to your agent at Saucon Insurance Agency serving Bethlehem, PA to make sure your coverage is up-to-date and provides adequate protection. An insurance review is free with no obligation. Knowing your coverage is set properly brings a significant increase in your peace of mind.

What are the Auto Insurance Requirements?

Having a car is a practical necessity for many people. Due to the importance of a vehicle making sure you have proper insurance is very important.  For those that are in the Bethlehem, PA area, there are several types of coverage that need to be in place in order to stay in compliance with the law other parties. 

Property Damage Liability

In the state of Pennsylvania, you will be required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance on your vehicle. One part of this is property damage coverage. While you should likely have more coverage than the minimum, the state requires you to have at least $5,000 in property damage coverage. This will cover the damage of the other party’s vehicle in the event you are found at fault in an accident

Bodily Injury Liability

The state will also require you to carry a minimum amount of bodily injury liability coverage. This will provide medical coverage to those that are involved in an accident.  The state requires you to carry coverage amounts of at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

While the state requirements only require you to have liability insurance, you will likely need to have additional collision and comprehensive insurance in the event you have an auto loan. These types of coverage will provide you with coverage in the event your vehicle is damaged in an accident if it is stolen, damaged, or involved in an accident with an animal.

If you are in the Bethlehem, PA and are in need of auto insurance, the Saucon Insurance Agency will be able to provide you with valuable services.  The Saucon Insurance Agency will be able to help you to better understand your insurance needs and make sure you get into the right policy. 


Common Household Items that may Require Additional Umbrella Insurance

We make sure that our belongings and loved ones are well taken care of.  We provide for them the best we can with the known factors in life, and have insurance to protect our belongings and loved ones from the unknown events in life.  We have car insurance, home owners insurance, and life insurance.  Often, people think that this is enough, but what about items that may fall outside of the realm of normal coverage?  For that there is umbrella insurance.  Many people do not realize there are common household items that you may be required to have additional umbrella insurance to cover.  Let’s take a look at some items that you probably didn’t realize need umbrella insurance.

Often, car insurance and home owners insurance will come with a limit.  This limit could be $300,000 or $500,000.  But what happens when your claim exceeds this amount?  Do you collect valuable antique cars?  Do you customize exotic cars?  If you were ever to be in an accident where bodily injury is involved, your current car insurance policy could quickly run out.  This is where umbrella insurance would kick in so that you are not held liable to any additional expenses as a result of the insurance claim.  Do you have any fun recreational vehicles?  Having an ATV or a dirt bike is great fun, but what if friends get injured while riding your ATV on your property?  Of course your home owner’s insurance would help cover the medical care for your friends if they are injured, but what if the injuries exceed your policy?  Again, umbrella insurance would be there to help protect you from paying out of pocket.

Umbrella insurance is an additional insurance to help protect people and their assets.  The residents of Bethlehem, PA understand the importance of additional insurance and regularly turn to the experts at Saucon Insurance Agency.  Proudly serving Bethlehem, PA, Saucon Insurance Agency welcomes questions and new clients everyday.  If you think umbrella insurance is a good idea for yourself, call our experts today to start a new policy. 

How to Drive an All-Terrain Vehicle Safely

Some people can get confused when they come across the term “toy insurance.” In fact, this kind of insurance is not something that covers your child’s teddy bear or doll. Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA, offers toy insurance covering all-terrain vehicles of the sort that farmers and ranchers use for their work and some like to use for recreation.

Operating an ATV in safety is a little different from operating an automobile. The National Safety Council lists some rules for using your ATV.

  • Generally, depending on the engine size, no one below the age of 12 or, for larger ATVs, below the age of 16 should operate an ATV.
  • ATVs are not made for passengers. Only one person should ride one at a time.
  • Be sure to wear appropriate gear when operating an ATV, including goggles, helmets, over-the-ankle boots, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants.
  • Be careful when using attachments such as cargo carriers. They can change the stability of the vehicle.
  • Do not operate an ATV on a paved road, highways, and streets.

The Consumer Product Safety Council notes that accidents do happen when using an ATV, some of which have resulted in deaths.  In 2012, the most recent year that complete statistics are available, 573 people died while operating an ATV, 58 being children under the age of 16. In 2015 there were 97,200 ATV-related injuries, 28 percent involving children under 16.  An ATV can be dangerous if operated recklessly. It weighs up to 600 pounds, is motorized, and can go up to 65 miles an hour.

For all questions concerning ATV safety, toy or other kind of vehicle insurance, feel free to contact the Saucon Insurance Agency serving Bethlehem, PA.

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a home is significant water damage by a flood. For those that are in the Bethlehem, PA area, one of the best ways to protect against this is by getting a flood insurance policy. There are many people who do need to have a flood insurance policy to be compliant law and provide themselves with the right level of protection.

High Risk Flood Area

The first situation in which you may need flood insurance is if you live in a high-risk flood area, as determined by FEMA. If you live in one of these areas, a federally-backed mortgage lender will be required by law to require you to carry flood insurance and they may even escrow for it each month. Even if you are not located in a high-risk area, your mortgage lender may still require you to have it if there is still a perceived level of additional risk.

Lack of Flood Control System

While there are plenty of areas across the country that are in high-risk flood zone areas, there are still many people outside of these zones that should still carry flood insurance. A sporadic flood can happen anywhere, which could lead to significant water damage in your home. In many cases, the level of flood coverage that you will have in your policy may not cover all of this damage. Because of this, it may be a good idea to purchase additional flood insurance to protect you. This is particularly and especially true if your home does not have a flood control system.

Since flood damage can be so devastating, all people in the Bethlehem, PA area should speak with and insurance agent to better understand their needs. One insurance agent that you should speak to is Saucon Insurance Agency. Saucon Insurance Agency can help you better understand what your risks are and help you choose a flood insurance policy that provides you with the right protection.  



Reasons You Need RV Insurance

Here at Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem, PA area, we are often asked why someone would need RV insurance. In most cases, you are required by law to carry RV insurance if you are driving the vehicle on the road. However, there are many benefits to carry insurance beyond this. Here are a three of the top reasons why you should carry RV insurance if you own an RV. 

To Cover Your RV If It Is In a Collision

One of the reasons you will want to have RV insurance is to cover the RV if it is in a collision. If your RV is in a collision, repairs can be costly. Having insurance helps to ensure that you do not have to pay for this damage out of pocket. 

To Cover the RV Against Vandalism

Another benefit of having RV insurance is that your policy may cover against vandalism if you purchase comprehensive coverage. Vandalism coverage protects your RV from vandalism, including graffiti and broken windows, while the RV is being stored and when the RV is parked at a campsite and being used. 

To Cover the RV Against Weather-Related Damage

The last benefit to RV comprehensive insurance coverage is that it helps to cover your RV in case of weather-related damage. This includes things like hail damage or flood damage. Weather can be unpredictable, so having this coverage helps to protect your RV when the unexpected happens. 

If you own an RV in the greater Bethlehem, PA area and are looking to purchase your first RV insurance policy or are looking to change insurance companies, contact Saucon Insurance Agency today. We can help answer all of the questions you have about RV insurance and lead you to the best policy for your needs. 

Does Boat Insurance Cover Other Types of Watercraft like Jet Skis?

At Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem, PA area, we know that shopping for insurance can be confusing. If you are looking to insure items that you use on the waterways, you may be torn between whether you need boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance or toy insurance. We want to make the insurance buying process as easy on you as buying. Here is some information you should know when you begin this process. 

Boat Insurance

Boats that are designed to transport more than one person, including power boats, sailboats and yachts should be covered by a boat insurance policy. In most cases, a policy is needed to even register your boat. 

Personal Watercraft Insurance

If the item you are using is primarily designed to be used by one person, such as a jet ski or wave runner, a personal watercraft insurance policy may be needed. Once again, a policy will likely be needed to even register your personal watercraft vehicle. 

Toy Insurance

If the item you plan to use on the waterways does not fall under either boat insurance or personal watercraft insurance, it likely falls under toy insurance. Differentiating between all of the options can be challenging. A great insurance company knows what factors to look at when determining what type of insurance is needed to cover your watercraft vehicles. 

If you need to insure a boat, personal watercraft or other toy used on waterways, pay a visit to Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem, PA area. We can help you determine what type of insurance policy you need and what policy limits best meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your insurance needs. 

Protect Your New Business with Commercial Insurance

One of the best ways to protect your newly established business in Bethlehem, PA is to obtain a commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance from Saucon Insurance Agency can protect your business property, services, products, workers and finances against risks that could cause financial loss. What kind of protection does commercial insurance offer?


As an entrepreneur, you’ll face many challenges in building your business. A lawsuit could cause you to close up shop before you even get started. General liability protects you against the threat of lawsuits due to accidents that cause serious injury or property damage to others on your business property. You can also obtain specific liability coverage for protection against explicit industry threats.

Business Property

Business property protects your commercial property against such perils as fire, vandalism, theft or natural disasters. This includes your warehouse, office, business equipment and products. If any of these suffer damage or loss in a covered peril, your insurance will pay repair or replacement costs. This saves you from having to pay these expenses out of pocket.  

Business Interruption

If a disaster forces your business to close down temporarily, business interruption insurance will provide financial resources to stay afloat while repairs are being made. Business interruption insurance will compensate your business for lost income, operational costs, employee wages, rental or lease payments and more, saving your fledgling business from financial ruin.

Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp protects your employees against injuries on the job. It covers medical expenses and lost wages if workers need time off to recuperate from their accident. This coverage also protects you against lawsuits by employees seeking extra compensation for injuries on the job.

To learn more about commercial insurance for your startup, call or visit Saucon Insurance Agency, Bethlehem, PA. We can help you obtain competitive commercial coverage suited to your individual business needs.