What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a great way to help get some extra coverage without altering your existing policies or adding more coverage to the policies that you already have. A personal umbrella policy is a bit different than a commercial umbrella insurance policy and knowing what these differences are is a great way to start. For those that live in the Bethlehem, PA area, the agents with Saucon Insurance Agency can help you find the right personal umbrella insurance policy for you.

 A personal umbrella insurance policy is likely going to be used to add more coverage to things like a home policy, more coverage to a car policy, or more coverage to watercraft insurance for instance. This is going to be extra liability coverage that is going to go above and beyond the coverage that your typical policy has. Not all people are going to need to have an extra personal umbrella policy but some people can benefit from it. If you think you may benefit from a personal umbrella policy you can always talk with an agent.

A good example is if you need more coverage for your automobile because your teenager is going to be driving it but you do not want to add more coverage on your traditional auto policy. You can have a personal umbrella policy that adds more liability without adding more coverage to your auto policy. This is a great way to add more coverage that is not going to change the overall cost of your existing policy but that is going to give you more coverage.

For those that live in the Bethlehem, PA area, the agents with Saucon Insurance Agency are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect insurance coverage for you and for all your existing policies.  

3 Best Practices to Prepare for a Flood

Did you know that floods are the most common type of natural disaster in the U.S? Coastal and low-lying areas are particularly at risk, but flooding can happen anytime and anywhere. Floods are dangerous to human life, and they can be quite costly. Even a few inches of flood water cost tens of thousands of dollars for your home or business. The good news is, you can be ready long before it happens. Implement these best practices each day to ensure that you are flood ready! Saucon Insurance Agency is here to partner with you and share useful insider secrets about flooding tips for Bethlehem, PA residents.

1. Clean Up Debris

Are your gutters and drainage pipes clogged with last winter’s debris? Clear them now to get ready for heavy rains. Move outdoor furniture to a safe place, and secure any fuel tanks for good measure. 

2. Elevate & Waterproof

Make sure to elevate all of your critical utilities. This includes the electrical panel, wiring, and A/C and heating systems. You’ll want to be certain your appliances and important documents are high and dry too. If your home is in an area that repeatedly floods, consider elevating the entire structure. And make sure to waterproof your basement and have a sump pump for backup.

3. Review Flood Insurance 

Regular homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover for flooding as it is purchased separately. Therefore, it’s important to review your flood insurance options especially if you’re in a flood zone. Saucon Insurance Agency can assist you with flood insurance coverage any time of the year. We are proud to serve our neighbors in the Northhampton, Leigh Valley, and Bethlehem, PA areas with our insurance expertise. Call us today and let us know how we can help!

3 Reasons to Have Liability Insurance for Your Toys

Playing with your ATV’s, snowmobiles, and other toys can be a lot of fun. It can be a problem, however, if someone is injured or an accident causes property damage. The agents of Saucon Insurance Agency are available to help residents who live in or near Bethlehem, PA protects their financial security by fitting them with the right toy insurance policy.

Injury Liability

Accidents happen and there are times when injuries occur. Having personal injury liability on all of your toys will protect you from financial loss if a person is injured while riding with you or if one of your toys happens to malfunction. Unexpected medical expenses can be costly for all involved. 

Property Liability

Colliding with another vehicle or crashing into a fence or building can cause extensive property damage. Your liability insurance will cover these damages so you don’t have to pay for them out of your own pocket. Playing with your toys can be costly if you accidentally run into someone and damage their property.

Protect Yourself!

Don’t lose your financial security! Purchasing a personal injury/property liability toy insurance policy protects you from devastating financial loss if the unthinkable happens. Being fully covered gives you a sense of security and peace of mind that allows you to enjoy the time you spend with your friends.

In Bethlehem, PA, schedule an appointment with one of their knowledgeable agents to find out how you can protect your financial security with one of their toy policies. Before you take to the trails or head out on your next adventure, find out what type of insurance best suits your needs!

How you use your RV or camper can change your insurance coverage needs

Owning a camper or RV is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family. There are many different policy options for RV owners and you may want to consider how you use your camper when you select your policy. RV owners in the greater Bethlehem, PA area have relied on the Saucon Insurance Agency to answer all of their questions about RV and camper insurance options. Before you set out to explore our area this summer, be sure that you have the right insurance in place!

How Do You Use Your RV?

There are many different ways to use a camper or RV. Some people leave theirs parked on their own property and use it when hunting or for overflow guests. Others love to travel and stay in RV parks and campgrounds around the country. Still, others store theirs in the off-season and park it at the same RV park every summer. The way in which you use your RV can make a difference in the type and amount of insurance that you need. If your camper never leaves PA your needs may be different than the family that travels to Canada and Mexico in theirs. Now is the right time to ensure that you have the right coverage. Don’t get out on the road and find out the hard way that your policy is not sufficient to cover your needs. Liability can be different when you are staying in your camper as your primary residence.

Want to learn more about your RV insurance options in the greater Bethlehem, PA area? The team at Saucon Insurance Agency is here to help! Call or stop by our office today, and we can review your options with you. 

Should You Have Your Boat Insured?

Having a boat during the summer is a lot of fun but that fun can easily be squashed if you do not have the right insurance on it. You want to be sure that you take all of the proper steps that you can reach really enjoy your boat this summer in Bethlehem, PA. Here at Saucon Insurance Agency, we believe that means you should have your boat insured and we think that for several reasons. 

  • Boating accidents happen. Simply wanting to avoid them does not mean you will actually avoid them. Sometimes, there is nothing that you can do to avoid a boating accident. You should have the right insurance in place to help you if you do have a boating accident this summer. 
  • You want to protect yourself from any lawsuits. While you may hope that your friends and family will never sue you if they get injured on your boat, you would be surprised by the number of people that do. If you are going to invite others on your boat, which is half the fun anyway, you need to have insurance to protect you. 
  • You want to be able to replace the boat if it is damaged. You do not want to miss out on all the fun just because your boat gets damaged! Having boat insurance will help you replace the boat so you can get back on the water.

Now that you know where we stand and why, if you agree then it is time to get your boat insured. Here at Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA, we can help you get started as well as make sure that you are ready to go as soon as those warmer temperatures start to show up. Be sure to reach out to us today to get started so we can get you a free quote. 

Why Does Your Business Need Employee Benefit Insurance?

Employee benefits insurance in Bethlehem, PA helps provides coverage to an employer for any omissions or errors in the employee’s administration of the employee benefits. While this kind of insurance isn’t required, it does provide some protection. If your business offers benefits to employees as part of a work contract, and if there are different benefits offered, it can come in handy. This insurance will help your businesses if your business offers benefits to employees, your company has employees who manage the benefit programs that are offered, you have different benefits for different types of employees, or if your business has a high employee turnover. If you aren’t sure if your business would be aided by having employee benefit insurance, contact an agent at Saucon Insurance Agency.

Employee benefits insurance covers claims made by former or current employees who believe that a form of benefit that was outlined in their contract wasn’t properly managed on their behalf. Some of the things this can include a wrong description of benefits plans and eligibility rules, records or files related to employee benefits missing, or failure to enroll, maintain or terminate beneficiaries. The policy should cover all legally required benefits, any optional benefits, and all employees who are receiving benefits. It doesn’t recover any claims about poorly performing retirement plans, claims related to salary, any bodily injury claims, harassment claims, or any benefits offered to employees that don’t relate to money.

Claims like this against a business can be expensive and it can also hurt the reputation of the company. Insurance can help with some of the financial repercussions that these types of claims can cause. Make sure your plan covers the benefits your company offers.

Contact Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA, to get a quote on employee benefits insurance. 

Why Businesses Need General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy in Bethlehem, PA can protect a business from a number of claims, including third-party bodily injury and damage to property.

Certain businesses can benefit more from liability insurance since they have more risks. An agent at Saucon Insurance Agency can help determine your risk. These businesses include that interact with clients face to face, have access to a client’s equipment, or use third-party locations for any business-related activity.

General liability insurance can cover a number of different claims. One of the main claims it covers is a third-party injury. Even with careful planning, accidents can still happen and this insurance will not only cover medical payments, but it will also cover any defense costs. The second main thing it covers is damage to third-party property. This can be damage that is caused by you or one of your employees. It pays for the damage and any defense costs as well. Property damage not only occurs with physical property, but it can also include electronic data liability. For example, property damage can occur when an IT professional damages a computer server and the client loses his or her data. Personal injury claims are another thing this insurance covers. Personal injury claims are often the result of slander and libel in business environments. These are false statements that can be damaging to a personal reputation. Advertising injury is also covered. This helps provide protection against the unintentional use of a third party’s advertising idea, or if your marketing or advertisements infringe on a copyright. This insurance not only protects your full time employees, but it will also protect temporary staff. If claims are filed against your business, there could be expenses that follow besides just medical payments and defense costs. General liability can also cover supplemental payments that occur after a claim.

Contact Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA, to get a quote on commercial insurance. 

What Is Appliance Insurance?

Major appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers are huge investments compared to appliances in the past. New appliances are full of digital components that require more advanced technology in terms of repairs or replacing components that are defective or damaged. The agents at Saucon Insurance Agency offer appliance insurance to the residents of Bethlehem, PA to protect them from bearing the full brunt of the cost if an appliance breaks down or needs to be replaced.

What Is Appliance Insurance?

Appliance insurance can be purchased to go along with your homeowner’s insurance. The concept of appliance insurance is much like that of a warranty. Policies protect against breakdowns that require the unit to be repaired or replaced. While there is still a deductible to be paid, the majority of the cost of repairing or replacing the appliance is absorbed by the appliance insurance policy.

Protect Your Investment

Adding the appliance insurance to your homeowner’s policy will help to protect you from financial loss if an appliance breaks down or cannot be repaired. Protecting your investment is essential if you want to avoid having to buy a new appliance out of pocket. New appliances with digital controls can be extremely expensive, so having the insurance in place can save you from a hefty financial loss if one would break down.

Residents living in or near Bethlehem, PA can call Saucon Insurance Agency if they are interested in learning more about appliance insurance. The agents encourage their clients to call the office and schedule a consultation so all of their questions and concerns can be addressed. Appliance insurance policies can be added to your homeowner’s insurance for an additional fee each month.

Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Having the right type of auto insurance is the best way to protect you and your vehicle from a variety of threats and events that can cause serious financial and personal setbacks. One of the most important parts of coverage is your comprehensive coverage. It protects you from a variety of damages and threats, but does it cover vandalism?

Comprehensive Coverage

If you have comprehensive coverage, it is going to protect you from vandalism and even damage caused by wild animals and Mother Nature. It is crucial to find out what the limitations of the policy are so you know if you are going to be covered for the full value of the car in case the vehicle sustains enough damage to be considered “totaled”. Unfortunately, vandalism damage can ruin an engine and the body of the vehicle in an extreme manner. Always select the right type of comprehensive insurance for new vehicles. 

Knowledgeable Agencies

Most reputable agencies have knowledgeable agents willing to explain coverage in great detail. They will suggest coverage options that will provide complete coverage for whatever life throws at your vehicle. If you are looking for good auto insurance, consider consulting Saucon Insurance Agency serving the residents of Bethlehem, PA. Their agents will take the time to get to know your situation and recommend a solid course of action.

If you have a newer or valuable vehicle, you need good comprehensive coverage that will protect you in the event of damage or theft. If you are a resident of the Bethlehem, PA area, you can count on Saucon Insurance Agency to guide you through the policy selection process and even assist with claims. Call or stop by for more information.

Get Insured Before Making Your Motorcycle Road Trip

So, you love riding motorcycles? The sensation of the wind in your face is unbeatable, right?

Well, before you plan your next long-distance road trip, whether within PA or to another state, be sure to make arrangements to protect your financial well-being.

Too many cyclists fail to purchase adequate motorcycle insurance and then find themselves having to pay out-of-pocket expenses beyond their means. Accidents always happen when people least expect them.

Following are some of the top types of insurance coverage cyclists tend to like best. And, if you are interested in knowing more about specific rates, contact Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem PA, for more information.

Basic Liability

This level of coverage is the minimum allowed.

In general, you can use basic liability insurance to handle costs arising from accidents in which you are at fault. Without liability coverage, you could face serious financial and legal problems.

Collision Insurance

Running into another vehicle is a constant concern for cyclists. In some cases, you may even need to purchase a new motorcycle, or other transport, for yourself or another party. Having collision insurance to help is essential.

Uninsured Driver Policy

Well, unfortunately, you cannot always assume everyone else on the road is fully insured.

Some motorists take the chance of driving without any coverage at all. If they cause an accident with your motorcycle, then you will need some additional insurance to pay for the damages.

Likewise, other drivers have only basic liability insurance, which, given the rising costs of repairs, can often fall short of the amount needed.

Get Informed Advice Today

Never take an extended motorcycle road trip without first speaking with an insurance agent.

For specific rate information, the professionals at Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA, have got you covered. Visit the website today or give a call.