Are Dog Bites Covered Under my Home Insurance Policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

When you have a dog in the family, you may worry about the possibility of facing problems in courts as a result of a bite or other action by the pet. Although a home policy may provide coverage for a dog bite in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, companies have different regulations that may prevent a dog from being covered under the current plan.

Typical Coverage

Many insurance plans in Northampton County will provide some protection for homeowners when a dog bites visitors to the home for any reason. The basic liability plan may cover hospital expenses and a potential court case that results from the actions of a pet.

While the general plan will cover the situation, certain pets might be excluded from protection due to the higher risk of bites than other dogs.


Although different insurers will have various plans available, some insurance companies will exclude certain breeds as a result of the higher risk of bites. Dogs that may be excluded from a plan include wolf hybrids, Pitt Bulls, Boxers, Great Danes and German Shepherds.

Before assuming that the company will provide liability protection if your dog bites another individual, look through your policy and find out if the breed is excluded from coverage. The company might exclude certain breeds or it might not, depending on the plan and the insurer.

Bites from a pet are often included as part of a liability protection plan in your home coverage, but the exact coverage that you have will impact the possible options. Since certain dogs might be excluded from liability protection, read through your policy and call the company to ask questions before you assume that you are protected. To learn more about liability protection for pets, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

What type of insurance Is a best fit for banks and hospitals in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

Insurance in Northampton County, Pennsylvania is designed to protect the financial interest of companies and people alike. Banks and hospitals are at great risk for major losses financially if something was to happen to the company or the people that work for them. Here the types of insurance that banks and hospitals should look at having to protect their financial interests.

Insurance for Banks

Banks have a lot of things that they are responsible for. Some types of insurance that the bank will want to have may include:

· Workers Compensation – This benefit covers an employee that gets injured while on the job. The injury could be as simple as a fall or as complicated as multiple fractures that will require rehab and a long recovery.

· Mortgage Insurance – Covers the lender if the property is damaged or the borrower fails to repay the loan. If the property is vacant or foreclosed on, then this covers for damages that are peril related.

· Liability Coverage – This insurance covers any injuries to customers that are robbery related or just hurt while on the premises.

Insurance for Hospitals

Hospitals are places that have a lot people coming and going and that care for well-being for others. Here are some insurance basics that they will want to consider:

· A hospital will need to have worker’s compensation to cover the injuries to their employees.

· Liability insurance for medical facilities protects workers from malpractice, equipment failure and other things that the hospital could be responsible for.

· Disability insurance takes care of issue related to people who have been laid off for circumstances that are not their own fault.

If you live in Bethlehem, PA and have questions about commercial insurance, then you need to contact your own independent agent today. As your agent we can help fit you with the best insurance for your needs. It’s important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances so your needs are met in the right way.

In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania , Will my Home Insurance Pay for the Removal of Ice Accumulated in my Pool?

When ice has accumulated in your pool, you may worry about the removal cost. Although your pool may be covered under a home insurance policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it may not always pay for the removal of ice that accumulates during the winter months.

Maintenance Exclusion

During the winter months, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to winterize your pool and prepare it for the upcoming changes in the weather. If you do not take proper measures to protect your pool from ice and frost damage, then it may not be covered under your policy.

In many cases, an insurance policy has exclusions related to the cost of regular maintenance. If the damage to your pool is the result of your negligence in Northampton County, then you may be responsible to pay for any repairs or expenses.

Differences in Policies

While many companies will exclude maintenance costs, situations arise that do not allow you to take proper measures to protect your property. In that situation, you may be covered for the expense as long as your insurer allows you to make a claim.

The ability to make a claim will vary based on the situation and the policy that you purchased. Read through the documentation that was provided when you obtained coverage to determine if you are eligible to make a claim as a result of the current situation.

Insurers have different guidelines and policies that determine whether you qualify to make a claim in certain situations. Although many insurers will not remove ice accumulation from your pool, you may be covered if it is not related to regular maintenance. To learn more about protecting your home, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Will my credit score still vary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, If I prove them that the accident was caused due to a break fail?

If you are driving down the street in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and slam into a telephone pole because of a break fail, your full coverage auto insurance policy will pay to have your car repaired. If the accident in Northampton County was caused because your brakes failed when you tried to stop, it is unlikely that single incident will cause your credit score to drop.

While it is true that your credit score is one of the factors used by your auto insurance company to set the premium on your policy, it is also true that the score is more affected by the number of accidents you have rather than the reason that caused the accident.

So, if you take your car down to your local Bethlehem mechanic and get him to certify that your brake pads were worn or you did not have enough brake fluid in your cylinder that is not going to have an impact on whether or not your credit score will drop down or move up a few points.

In fact, your failure to properly maintain your car is most likely the reason that you had brake failure. Your insurer may consider the fact that you are irresponsible about maintaining your car in safe operating condition and consider you to be a higher-risk driver. From another viewpoint, if you can prove that somebody sabotaged your auto by cutting the brake line, then, your auto insurer will not put any negative mark against your credit score.

As your independent agent here in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, we understand that you are concerned about getting a lower credit score and having it result in a higher insurance premium bill to pay. Rest assured, Insurance companies use insurance credit scores as only a small part of their overall risk assessment process when writing a policy.