My recreational vehicle was manufactured in another state. Will my policy pay to move it to the manufacturer for repairs if I have a covered loss in Bethlehem, PA?

Because recreational vehicles require special expertise, it is important that they are repaired at an authorized facility. If you bring your recreational vehicle to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, you might have to transport your vehicle out of the state in order to have it serviced by qualified professionals. Keep these tips in mind if you need to contact your insurance company for help moving your vehicle to another state.

How Your Recreational Vehicle Policy Works

If you are in an accident, you will need to move your recreational vehicle to a repair shop so that an appraiser can complete an estimate on the cost of the damages. Because recreational vehicle require special expertise to repair, many insurance companies will assist with cost of transporting your vehicle to a manufacturer, even if it is out of state. However, it is important to keep in mind that your insurance company might settle for a qualified facility that is closest to the scene of the accident.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

An independent auto insurance agent can help you determine which insurance companies will provide the best coverage for your recreational vehicle in the case of an accident. Though it’s overlooked, the transportation fees of moving your vehicle to the manufacturer is an expense that can really add up. Also, if your recreational vehicle was manufactured in another state, yet your insurance company will only reimburse you to move it to the closest qualified facility, you might still be left to pay the tab if you have a preference for taking your vehicle to the manufacturer.

An independent agent can help you determine which companies will meet your preferences and provide the best coverage for moving your vehicle in the case of an accident. Contact us today to find the best policy for your recreational vehicle.

Can a tourist purchase a car in the Bethlehem, PA and insure it himself?

If you are visiting Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for an extended period of time, you might be interested in purchasing a vehicle just for your trip and then reselling it before you leave. While you can certainly find good deals on used cars, finding insurance might be a trickier proposition. Before you purchase a car for your vacation, keep the following points in mind.

Insuring a Car if You Are From Another State

If you are visiting Pennsylvania from another state, there are some challenges you will face in insuring a vehicle that you buy just for your vacation. First, you will need to register your vehicle locally before you can operate it. Second, you might have difficulty finding an insurance agent that will allow you to insure the vehicle without a valid state license.

Additionally, when you are purchasing insurance to drive in the Bethlehem areas, you will need to make sure that the insurance policy that you do purchase is compliant with Pennsylvania insurance laws. The downside is that the insurance laws in Pennsylvania might be more expensive to comply with than the requirements in your home state.

Insuring a Car if You Are an International Tourist

If you are a driver from another country, insuring a vehicle that you purchase in the United States will be especially difficult. Most insurance companies will require that you have a valid driver’s licence from within the United States before your insurance application can be processed. If you are from another country, it is important to recieve advice from an independent agent who can help you locate the insurance companies that will work with tourists from out of the country.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Despite the pitfalls of purchasing an auto for your vacation, there might be reasons that you would prefer to obtain your own vehicle rather than rent a car. If you contact us, we can make obtaining insurance during your vacation a smoother process by helping you determine the best course of action for insurance for your vehicle.

I Don’t Have Any Major Business Assets in Bethlehem, PA. Why Do I Need Insurance?

Most businesses need insurance, including those in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. By working closely with your independent agent, you will be able to learn which types of insurance are right for your specific needs. Most importantly, you need to consider what risks your business faces and, as a result, which types of insurance are necessary to protect against those risks. Every business is different.

No Assets?

If your business does not have assets, you still may need insurance. For example, you will likely need liability coverage. Virtually all businesses need this type of protection. It helps to protect your business, and in some cases your personal assets, from lawsuits that may occur when a product or service does not meet the needs of the customer. If you are a contractor, for example, a mistake on the job, even by an employee, may cause damage to the property or even injure the client. When this happens, and the client suffers losses, you may be responsible for those losses. A single lawsuit can often times lead to costly fines and lawsuits.

In addition to this type of commercial insurance, your business may also need workers compensation. If you have employees, this may be a requirement within your state. Even if it is not a requirement, having workers compensation coverage can help ensure every employee is protected should someone become injured.

It is also important to talk to your independent agent about your need for coverage that covers your losses, such as damage to inventory or events that close your business for a short period of time. Even if you do not have major assets, your business may still need insurance protection. By talking to your agent, you can learn more about the types of insurance that may be right for your individual situation.

I own a business in Bethlehem, PA, that has been forced to shut down because of a power outage. Am I covered for these losses?

If a storm hits the Lehigh Valley and causes a power outage, your focus should be on simply staying safe until the bad weather passes. Of course, lost revenue could negatively affect your business and even your ability to pay your personal bills. But with the proper insurance coverage, you can put these concerns out of your mind and pass the time as pleasantly as possible until your power is working again.

Commercial insurance is intended to protect businesses from property damage and other losses, much as homeowners’ insurance protects individual homes. If your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, business is forced to shut down due to a power outage, you’ll worry about how you are going to cover the loss of business during this time. One possibility is that your commercial insurance will cover those losses. However, it isn’t safe to assume that it will. Talking to your independent agent and developing a commercial insurance plan with the appropriate types and amounts of coverage before a power outage occurs is the best way to make sure that you don’t suffer from lost revenue.

Utility interruption coverage falls under your business interruption coverage. It covers the loss of revenue you experience from not being able to operate your business for a period of time. However, business owners should keep in mind that, depending on their policy details, they may be without power for up to three days before their utility interruption coverage kicks in. Physical damages that occur from the power outage, however, fall under property damage coverage. Discuss both utility interruption coverage and utility services direct damage coverage with your independent insurance agent to make sure you have all the coverage you need before the next blackout or downed power line occurs.