Things to Include in Your Car Emergency Kit

If you live in the Bethlehem, PA area, then you know that a car emergency kit is essential.  It may not seem so important until you need it, and then you’ll wish you had made one.  There is nothing worse than breaking down at night miles away from any timely assistance.  Having an auto club membership or a vehicle under warranty with roadside assistance is great, but it can’t always be counted on for a breakdown or an emergency.  Cell phones are great to call for help unless there’s no service or the battery is dead.  Be prepared by building a car emergency kit to leave in your vehicle. 

Emergency Kit Essentials

  1. A fully equipped first-aid kit.  You can put one together or purchase one that has the necessary basic kit, such as an assortment of Band-Aids, gauze pads, adhesive tape, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, cream, and ointment, and a pair of scissors.
  2. A fire extinguisher (Class B and C) that can put out flammable and combustible liquids and electrical fires.
  3. Portable reflective warning triangles.
  4. A tire gauge. Check the pressure in your spare on occasion.
  5. Foam tire sealant that can repair some flats when you are unable to change the tire.
  6. Jumper cables that are at least 10 feet long and covered with at least 8-guage rubber.
  7. A waterproof flashlight and extra batteries, rags, gloves, rain poncho, bottled water, nonperishable snacks, and a warm blanket.
  8. A tow strap or rope, multipurpose utility knife, and duct tape.
  9. Windshield ice scraper, folding shovel, and some cat litter for traction on ice.

Saucon Insurance Agency

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When to Update Your Bethlehem Home Insurance

Your home insurance policy likely sits in a drawer or on a file on your computer, and you only look at it if you absolutely need to. But what if you’ve decided to finally spring for a new couch or that 2-karat diamond you’ve had your eyes on? The problem is that these purchases can quickly cause the value of your home to sky rocket. As people settle into a property, it’s only natural to spend money on it. So how often should you really reassess your property?

Major Events 

Any time you do anything drastic to your home (remodeling your bathroom, adding an expensive garden, etc.), you’re going to want to call your home insurance agent. Saucon Insurance Agency serves the people of Bethlehem PA, and we’ve seen all the ways people go out of their way to give themselves a better home. The more people put in the effort, the better the city gets. It’s helpful to have home insurance to reflect it so everything can be repaired or replaced if a massive storm or major event destroys it. 

Once a Year 

But it’s not just major events that should cause you to think about your home insurance policy. You should be going over how your home has changed every year. You may have bought a new laptop or professional clothes. That adds up over time, so it might be time to get more coverage on your items. Saucon Insurance Agency can talk to you more about how your policy should work, and what you should be worried about when it comes to keeping your family safe. If you have questions or are looking for a few quotes to compare, give us a call today to start your search in Bethlehem, PA.