How to get the best protection with motorcycle insurance in Bethlehem, PA

Because riding a motorcycle carries some serious risks, it is important to get a policy that reflects the possibility that you may be responsible for property damage and medical bills. Saucon Insurance Agency is available to help riders in Pennsylvania obtain coverage that matches their needs and the state requirements. 

Ideally, a motorcyclist should have an insurance policy that protects in the event of hospitalization or damage to their bike, as well as others who may be injured so that the cyclist is not personally liable. Basic liability coverage is required on all motor vehicles within the state. Helmets are also necessary unless a rider is experienced, over the age of 21, and has taken certain safety courses offered by the department of transportation. Those who ride daily may also want to invest in a policy that offers additional coverage, as their risk of getting into an accident will increase significantly. 

Pennsylvania has laws that require motorcyclists to carry insurance and present proof of insurance to any law enforcement officer. Because motorcycle insurance is required anyway, it is beneficial to talk to an agent about the kind of coverage that will work best in your personal situation and keep you compliant with the local laws. This can avoid problems later related to confusion about the details of your coverage. 

Get a policy that offers more protection today

If you want to obtain or change coverage for your motorcycle insurance in the Bethlehem, PA area, please contact Saucon Insurance Agency as soon as possible. An experienced agent can discuss Pennsylvania’s motorcycle regulations with you and offer coverage options that will make sense given your driving habits. 

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a great way to help get some extra coverage without altering your existing policies or adding more coverage to the policies that you already have. A personal umbrella policy is a bit different than a commercial umbrella insurance policy and knowing what these differences are is a great way to start. For those that live in the Bethlehem, PA area, the agents with Saucon Insurance Agency can help you find the right personal umbrella insurance policy for you.

 A personal umbrella insurance policy is likely going to be used to add more coverage to things like a home policy, more coverage to a car policy, or more coverage to watercraft insurance for instance. This is going to be extra liability coverage that is going to go above and beyond the coverage that your typical policy has. Not all people are going to need to have an extra personal umbrella policy but some people can benefit from it. If you think you may benefit from a personal umbrella policy you can always talk with an agent.

A good example is if you need more coverage for your automobile because your teenager is going to be driving it but you do not want to add more coverage on your traditional auto policy. You can have a personal umbrella policy that adds more liability without adding more coverage to your auto policy. This is a great way to add more coverage that is not going to change the overall cost of your existing policy but that is going to give you more coverage.

For those that live in the Bethlehem, PA area, the agents with Saucon Insurance Agency are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect insurance coverage for you and for all your existing policies.