Fill Your Halloween with Treats, Not Tricks with Homeowner’s Insurance

Tree roots, cracks in your cement and shaky porch steps are all potential dangers for trick-or-treaters in Easton, PA. With one misstep, children visiting your home may encounter a fall that may lead to hospital bill arriving in the mail. Even though we adore our children and wish them no harm, you have to protect yourself from the possibility of accidents on your property with homeowner’s insurance.

Many people aren’t aware that homeowner’s insurance protects more than their personal property. Whether you are facing legal action as a result of an accident on your property or your jewelry was stolen while you were traveling, your homeowner’s insurance policy may help you cover the costs. Unfortunately, individuals without homeowner’s insurance are responsible for their costs, which can easily deplete their savings if they have to pay off a lawsuit.

Fortunately, it is easy to get the protections you need, right here in Easton. In fact, you can visit Saucon Insurance Agency’s website and compare insurance quotes from other insurance providers with that of ours. The website provides live quotes, so that you choose an insurance policy that fits your budget. Many homeowners find that changing the deductibles in the live comparative quote helps them find the insurance that provides the perfect amount of coverage for their family.

Whether you are a new homeowner or you are interested in changing your current insurance company, we have the plan that is right for you. Take the potential for tricks out of your Halloween this year and protect your household by speaking with one of our insurance agents about the coverage you’ve chosen using our site. They can offer their expertise about coverage, premiums, and limits with just one phone call.

Three Key Benefits of Homeowners Insurance in Pennsylvania

Saucon Insurance Agency clients sometimes ask if they really need homeowners insurance. Often this comes up when people realize that Pennsylvania doesn’t require home owners to buy insurance.

While it’s true that the state won’t make you buy homeowner’s insurance, your bank or mortgage lender may require it. Even after you’ve paid off your mortgage Saucon Insurance Agency strongly recommends you keep your insurance up-to-date. Here’s why:

1) Homeowners insurance protects your equity. You can use that equity for retirement, to buy a larger home or to pay for your children’s education among other uses. Why put it at risk due to property damage or an accident on your premises?

2) Homeowners insurance shields you from legal damages. Accidents happen and when they do people tend to sue. Homeowners insurance helps cover any liabilities you have. It can also simplify the legal process for you if the insurance company handles negotiations with a plaintiff.

3) Homeowners insurance provides some coverage away from home. If you have riders protecting certain valuables, like jewelry, your coverage stays in force even if the items are lost while you are away from the Bethlehem, PA area. And if your family includes students living away from home, the insurance company will cover property kept in a college or apartment.

4) Homeowners insurance provides flexible coverage. Saucon Insurance Agency can help you find home coverage that fits your needs. We can guide you through the complex riders and clauses that make up a policy to make sure your unique coverage needs are met and you don’t pay for any insurance that you don’t need.

We’ll also work with you to update your policy as your financial and property needs change. We’ll be your partner in protecting your home, your equity and your future plans. Contact Saucon Insurance Agency in Bethlehem to find the right insurance for your needs.

RV Insurance Covergae – Saucon Insurance Agency, Emmaus, PA

Does your current RV insurance coverage provide protection for any cars or recreational vehicles you might tow? Before leaving on a trip, it is important to understand how your insurance company would process a claim for an accident involving a vehicle you were towing. If you do not know whether your current insurer would fully cover the claim, contact one of our insurance agents to go over your policy. They will help you make sure you have the coverage you need.

Covering What You Tow

Whether you RV coverage extends to what you tow behind the motorhome depends on your specific policy. If the coverage does not include towed vehicles, then you may find yourself paying for any repairs the vehicle requires. In some cases, auto insurance policies that include comprehensive and collision coverage will cover cars towed behind motorhomes. These policies do not provide coverage for boats, ATVs or other recreational vehicles you might bring on vacation with you, though. If you will be towing anything next time you head out for a trip, check your insurance policy to see whether it would be covered in an accident.

Going Over Policies

In many cases, the technical jargon of an insurance policy is difficult to understand. Comprehending everything is doubly complicated when trying to understand how two different policies, such as an RV and an auto policy, would cover an accident.

If you would like help reviewing your current policies, call one of our licensed agents in Emmaus, PA. They will go through each part of your RV coverage and explain how it would be applied in different scenarios. If you need additional insurance, they will gladly help with that too.

Boat Insurance Options Available in Fullerton, PA

When shopping for boat insurance, just as when looking for homeowners, renters or auto insurance, there are many options available. These options will help you customize your boat policy so it meets your specific needs. We have made it easy to understand and select each of these options on our website, which makes getting quotes online simple.

The Non-Negotiables

As with any insurance policy, there will be some information our quotes finder needs to provide you with accurate results. This information is non-negotiable, in that you cannot select a different option. Some examples include:

  • the type of boat you are insuring
  • your boat’s location in Fullerton, PA
  • the age of your boat

These are factors that cannot be changed, unless you move or purchase a different boat, but insurance companies must use when calculating rates.

The Negotiables

Once you enter this information, there will be several different options presented to you. Simply select the various levels of coverage that you want, and we will have a quote for you in just a few seconds. The various options you can choose from include:

  • Your liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Coverage for injuries to you and passengers on the boat
  • Your deductible

If there are any options you do not fully understand, just click the link for more information. We have tried to explain each option clearly on our website, so you can feel confident purchasing insurance through it.

Get Coverage Today

We have strived to make purchasing boat insurance online as simple as possible, so that no one has an excuse to not be properly insured. Take the few minutes required to insure yourself, before there is an accident on the water and it is too late.