Understanding Your Auto Insurance Needs

 Insurance of any type can be difficult to understand but auto policies are notoriously difficult. For those in the Bethlehem, PA area, Saucon Insurance Agency can help you understand your individual insurance needs so that you can be sure you are both fully covered and legal.

Auto policies as a general rule are in place to help pay medical bills, time off work, and the deductible of the other driver should you get into an auto accident. Auto policies can also help pay for a rental car, replacement car, or can help you pay for a new car completely if your car is totaled. The minimum required insurance for each state may vary but the federal standard is about $10,000 to $25,000 of coverage.

This coverage is in place to help pay for medical bills, deductibles and more in the event of an accident. The base amount of insurance you must carry is often referred to as liability insurance because it only covers a minimum amount and does not cover the full cost of an accident. You can purchase liability policies that cover more in terms of monetary value and you can buy full coverage policies as well.

Full coverage policies do have a higher monthly premium but they do cover basically all the monetary considerations in the event of an accident. Every driver is required to carry at least the state or federal minimum of insurance coverage but not everyone is required to carry full coverage insurance. Full coverage policies are generally required if you owe money on your car or if you hold a loan or lien against your automobile through a third party lender. This is to keep the lender’s interests in mind and to help pay for a new automobile should you be in an accident.

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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: Three RV Safety Tips That Reduce Cost All Year Long

Let’s face it, owning an RV is expensive; particularly for those who enjoy putting their RV’s on Pennsylvania’s open road at any point throughout the year. As more people have adapted to the RV lifestyle, it has become increasingly important that RV owners enjoy their RVs in a safe manner by employing regular safety tips that will save them money all year long, such as the three tips indicated below:

1. Propane Safety Tips

Do not paint propane tanks with a dark color because it absorbs the sun’s rays a lot easier, which causes an explosion due to overheating. The stove, oven or heater burners should not be lit while traveling or refuel while using propane based appliances (or while the engine, is running.)

Have a certified dealer check your propane tank an on-going regular basis – particularly before long road trips to identify broken or leaking lines.  Lastly, have a propane gas detector installed

2. Take Caution When Using the Brakes

Since RVs trailers use air brakes as opposed to hydraulic brakes used in automobiles, they feel different from automobiles, which causes a slight delay when the brakes are hit. Some RV drivers believe the solution is to hit the breaks hard and fast.  However, this causes an abrupt stop, putting everyone’s safety at risk.

3. Familiarize Yourself with Your RV’s Height

Some of the more common RV related accidents are due to RV drivers running into bridges and overpasses because they simply forget the height of their RVs while driving. To prevent this from happening, make note of your RV’s height and exact clearance and leave it in view at all times to void such occurrences.

For these and other related RV safety tips that will save you money all year long, please visit Saucon Insurance Agency online today.