How to Spread Some Cheer Through a Local Charity in Northampton County, PA

At Saucon Insurance Agency, we feel it is important to give back and do your part in helping the community. We routinely do so within our own community and many of yours. We ask that you do the same. Often times, our local clients and customers want to do something for the community but they do not know where to go, who to help, or how their time and talent can be useful. Here are a few Northampton County, PA charities that would be happy to help you.

Help Local Families

Northampton Catholic Charities is one organization that provides social services to the community and routinely needs donations as well as financial support. You may be able to give some of your time to help an organization like this to make a difference in the lives of those in the community.

Support an Animal

Another organization that needs additional support is the Northampton County SPCA. There are many reasons to put time into these locations even if you do not want to take an animal home with you. This organization needs donations of materials and support as well as volunteers to help them in their local work.

In addition to these organizations, there are many more options to think about supporting. This includes libraries, local churches, and food pantries. Take a few minutes to take the time to find a way to give back in your own method. There is much work to do today.

Finding a way to give back is important to all businesses and individuals, including those at Saucon Insurance Agency. No matter what you do, make sure you are insured by contacting our team for a quote on any insurance you need.


House-Sitting? It’s Really Not the Time to Throw a Party

When you’re house sitting in Bethlehem, PA, you want to make sure you’re taking good care of the house you’ve been asked to watch over. That way, you may be asked to sit again in the future, and other people in the area may ask you for your services, too. Much like a babysitter or a pet sitter, house sitting gives you a lot of responsibility, and how well you do is going to spread around your community by word of mouth. You want the words said about you to be good ones, which means it’s not the time to throw a party.

Sure, it’s tempting. That’s especially true if it’s a big house or if the owners are wealthy. They may have a pool or a lot of other amenities that are of great interest. You may have a lot of friends who want to come see you, and who want to make your stay in the house less lonely and more enjoyable. Still, just say no. Having a party in someone else’s home not only violates the owner’s trust in you, but it could do some damage that would be difficult to explain and even harder to repair. You don’t want that to happen, as you could be held responsible for the damages, and that could get expensive.

The chances are high that the home is insured, but insurance is supposed to be used for events that are out of your control, and choosing to have a party doesn’t fall into that category. Don’t make the homeowners you house sit for have to use their policy due to the damage you’ve caused. As for the homeowners’ insurance itself, talking with Saucon Insurance Agency is an excellent way to get the coverage you need and the personalized service you deserve, no matter what you might need it for.