From Winter to Spring: Surviving the Storms in Pennsylvania

Those of us who live in Pennsylvania know the wide range of storms that can be produced here. From lake effect snowfalls in the extreme Northwest to hurricanes on the East, we just about get it all. Making the transition from winter to spring is a particular volatile time in the state. This is the time of the year we can experience deep snows, freezing rain, and high winds. They will soon transition into thunderstorms, heavy rains and the possibility of tornadoes.

Taking the brunt of most of this Pennsylvania weather is your roof. Your roof protects you and your family from the elements. It protects your furniture and other possessions from damage. But what protects your roof? Your homeowners insurance does, IF you have the right coverage.

Your roof is one of the largest exposed areas of your home. It can also be expensive to repair or replace in the event of damage. This is an excellent time to make sure your homeowners policy provides the protection you need. Contact us for a homeowners insurance review. There is no cost or obligation for the review. In a short time you will better understand your coverage and be assured there is more than just a roof covering you and your family.

If you prefer, you can get an online comparative quote on our website from the convenience of an internet connection. While you’re there, compare rates on your auto insurance. You see, we are an independent insurance agency giving us the ability to check with many companies to compare rates. This ability many times results in significant savings for our customers. Let us help protect you from the storm ahead. Contact us today and put us to work for you.

Don’t Wait for an Increase to Compare Rates on Homeowners Insurance

Residents of Allentown, Pennsylvania are hardworking and practical. It is hard to believe we would waste money if we could save money. Yet there is one expense on which we repeatedly see people over-paying. That is their personal insurance coverage.

Here is a typical scenario. We will be contacted by someone looking for a quote on, say, their homeowners insurance. When asked why they are shopping around, a common reply is “because my current carrier just raised my rates.” Well then, as independent agents, we will go to work. We search several companies looking for similar coverage so they can compare rates apples-to-apples so to speak. What we often find is that we could have saved them money even BEFORE they were notified of a rate increase by their current carrier. This doesn’t just happen with homeowners insurance either.

The lesson here is that you should not wait to get notified on an increase in the price of your insurance policy before contacting us to compare. We may be able to help you save money right now. Finding out is simple, too. Visit our website and request an online comparative quote. You can request a quote on your homeowners policy and your auto insurance. Let us go to work saving you money BEFORE your resent carrier raises your premiums.

With a captive agent who only represents a single company, they don’t have that option of choice. That is a powerful, money-saving aspect to being an independent agency that our clients appreciate. Don’t wait. If you live in or near the 18101 zip code, visit our website or contact us today for a no obligation quote. It’s practical, it can save you money, and, after all, it is an Allentown kind of thing to do!