Coverage Options For Students

There are a lot of coverage options that you will want to consider as a student in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. There have been a lot of changes that have been made by the Affordable Care Act, and they are going to impact you, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

One of the first options that you have to consider is where you are going to get your insurance from. You may be able to get it from your school, by staying on your family’s plan, or as a single-payer plan. Each of these are options, and you will want to weigh the pros and cons of each, as well as the costs.

Another option is to consider the level of coverage that you need. You want to make sure that your basic medical care is taken care of, and potentially also vision as well as dental. You also want to look at how expensive it is going to be if you need to go to the emergency room for anything.

Even though you may be a healthy student, you have to look at the various options that are available for health insurance coverage. You want to make sure that your insurance is covering everything that you could potentially need so that you are spending less money out-of-pocket. This means you will want to explore the deductibles and co-pays with any policy that you end up getting.

At Saucon Insurance Agency, we are here to help you find health coverage as a student in Bethlehem. Call today and learn about some of the options that you have. We can provide quotes from multiple insurance companies across Pennsylvania and work with you to find a policy that makes sense for you and your budget, especially because you are a student.



Check for Multi-Policy Discounts After Getting Married

Having a wedding in Bethlehem, PA many not be cheap, but getting married could save you money on your insurance policies. At Saucon Insurance Agency, we don’t recommend getting married just to save on auto or homeowners insurance. If you are marching down the aisle, though, there’s little reason not to save on your insurance premiums.

Many Insurers Offer Multi-Policy Discounts

One of the most common discounts that insurance companies offer is a multi-policy discount. Not all insurers will reduce your premiums for having more than one insurance policy with them, but many will. Since these discounts are often a percentage of your premiums, they can amount to a significant chunk of change.

While some individuals have multiple insurance policies, such as an auto policy, and a homeowners or renters policy, many people don’t carry more than one insurance policy when they’re single. Married couples, however, often have several assets they need to insure. If both you and your spouse drive cars, for example, you’ll each need an auto insurance policy. Once you’re married, many insurers will give you a multi-policy discount if you each purchase an insurance policy through them.

Independent Insurance Agents Find the Biggest Discounts

While many insurance companies in Pennsylvania offer multi-policy discounts, the amount you can save by having more than one insurance policy with one company varies greatly. The easiest way to see which company will give you and your beloved the best discount is to compare several policies with the help of an independent insurance agent.

If you don’t have a relationship with an independent insurance agent, contact us at Saucon Insurance Agency. You can reach us at any time through our websites, and we’d be happy to set you up with one of our agents who serve Bethlehem.