Bethlehem, PA: Do Different Types of Boats Require Different Types of Insurance?

There are many different kinds of boats. Fishing boats are mainly used to fish and are not necessarily built to carry more than two or three people. Pontoons boats are not designed for speed. Instead, they are normally the first choice for people who want to spend a lazy day relaxing on the lake. Speed boats are used for skiing, tubing and cruising the lake. With each boat having its own unique purpose, they also have a specific level of liability that must be considered when purchasing an insurance policy.

While policies for designed for boats in storage are written to cover the replacement value of the craft, insurance policies for other types of watercraft, including jet skis, must also account for certain levels of public liability and damage. Your insurance agent can help you go over all of your options and advise you on what types of insurance are available to adequately protect your type of watercraft. They may also help you receive discounts by finding ways to bundle all of your insurance policies into one. This can save you money and allow you to remain fully protected against financial loss.

The residents of Bethlehem, PA can turn to the agents of the Saucon Insurance Agency when it comes insuring their home, car and boat. Different types of boats require different kinds of insurance. Fishing boats, ski boats and pontoons all serve unique purposes and may carry different levels of liabilities. Your insurance agent can help you determine how much insurance your need depending on the amount of money you owe on the boat and the amount of liability that is generally associated with your type of boat.