What You Need To Know About Insurance In PA

If you live in Bethlehem, PA, most of the laws and regulations governing the insurance industry and drivers aren’t so different than those found in every other state, but there are a few things you’ll want to know when you get behind the wheel in Pennsylvania.

The main thing to know is that Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. What this means is that each driver will be expected to pay for their injuries in the event of an accident. Whoever may be at fault in any given accident, each driver involved will typically be expected to seek compensation through their insurer.

No-fault laws were first enacted to reduce the burden on the courts and, by proxy, the taxpayer. With so many traffic-related lawsuits clogging up the courts, no-fault laws came through as a swift, efficient, and seemingly reasonable solution to the problem.

Rear end laws are an interesting area of Pennsylvania regulation to look into. In Florida, the person in the rear in a rear-end collision is automatically found to be at fault, and the charge is difficult to fight. In other states, the rear-ender is typically found to be at fault, but it’s not by default. In Pennsylvania, a whole series of laws are set aside to determine fault. Your best bet to navigate these laws is to start making notes immediately after a collision so that you can make sure that you have your facts straight if you need to make your case in a courtroom.

With adequate insurance and safe driving, Pennsylvania is a great place to go for a drive. Call us for some free quotes and get exploring.

Home Insurance in Bethlehem, PA

For some people, home insurance is not a requirement. In fact, in Pennsylvania, you are not required to have it by law. However, if you have a mortgage, you may be required to have home insurance according to the terms of your agreement. Whether you are required to purchase home insurance or not in Bethlehem, PA, do you know when you should purchase it?

Purchase Home Insurance As Soon As You Purchase the Home

The absolute best time to purchase home insurance is when you purchase a home. Once you put an offer on a home and it is accepted, you need to call us to get a great policy for your home. You want to have the insurance in place immediately, so you are protected no matter what happens.

Why Purchase Before Closing?

You may be wondering why you should purchase before closing. While you do not yet own the home, setting up the policy to begin on closing day is best practice. You do not have to ensure the policy goes into effect before closing but you want it to begin the day you officially own the home. If for any reason your agreement falls through, you will still be able to cancel the policy since it has not yet started.

What If You Do Not Purchase Before Closing?

If you failed to purchase home insurance before you closed on the home, you have not missed your window. You should, however, make the purchase as soon as possible so you can gain coverage immediately. Do not wait until something happens. Instead, protect yourself and your investment with a great home insurance policy.

We can help you find the ideal home insurance policy for your home in the Bethlehem, PA, area by calling us today.