Is Boat Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

Boat owners in Bethlehem, PA know the adventure and good times that can be shared with family and friends on the water. Even as summer draws to an end, there are still plenty of warm weather days ahead to take the boat out, fish, water ski, and catch some sun. 

Before your next trek out in your boat, make sure your boat insurance is up to date and the coverage you hold is enough in the event of an accident, damage from weather, vandalism, theft, and more.

At Saucon Insurance Agency, we strive to bring Pennsylvania residents the most up-to-date and full coverage plan options for their homes, cars, and recreational vehicles. 

Boat insurance can be overwhelming because if you don’t know what options you have, you can risk getting stuck with coverage that isn’t enough in the event of an accident, bad weather, or damage.

When you make a large financial investment in something like a boat, you should be proactive to ensure the boat is well protected by an insurance policy. We highly recommend avoiding letting your insurance lapse in the winter months when it’s in storage because damage and theft can still occur during that time. 

Whether you store your boat off-site, at your home, or a few hours away, it should remain insured all year round.

Knowing your expensive assets are covered all year round is worth the peace of mind you’ll gain in return.

Life in Bethlehem, PA is unlike anywhere else and can be even more enjoyable with a boat. At Saucon Insurance Agency, our team of agents can get to know your individual situation and personal needs for insurance, and make recommendations based on your lifestyle.

Is RV & Camper insurance a Good Idea?

So, you have made a huge step in your life by investing in an RV you have always dreamt about. But is that all? Before hitting the road to enjoy your newfound toy, you need to invest in RV and camper insurance from Saucon Insurance Agency in Bethlehem, PA.

But like most people, you need to make sure that you get value for money for everything you put your cash on. With this in mind, you might ask: Is investing in RV insurance a smart decision? If you would like to find out, please keep scrolling.

Why should I invest in RV insurance?

If you love outdoor activities, you may be thinking of joining tons of Americans that own a recreational vehicle. But now that you understand you need insurance, you might need to know whether it’s worth it. Well, here are reasons why RV insurance is a necessity.

It may be required

If your RV is motorized (has an engine and steering wheel), you must insure it if you want to drive or park in public places. Just like auto insurance, you may be required to maintain minimum liability coverages for your RV. 

To protect your asset

Even though insurance isn’t mandatory for some RVs, you still need it to protect the asset you have worked so hard to purchase. RV insurance repairs and even replace your investment in case of a total loss.

Liability protection

In the course of using your camper or motorhome, you could be at fault for accidents. You don’t have to dent your pockets when this happens because RV insurance handles liability claims on your behalf.

Buy RV insurance today in Bethlehem, PA!

Would you like to purchase insurance for your camper or motorhome? Look no further than Saucon Insurance Agency. We offer customizable RV insurance policies that suit your budget, lifestyle, and other unique needs.