Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Having the right type of auto insurance is the best way to protect you and your vehicle from a variety of threats and events that can cause serious financial and personal setbacks. One of the most important parts of coverage is your comprehensive coverage. It protects you from a variety of damages and threats, but does it cover vandalism?

Comprehensive Coverage

If you have comprehensive coverage, it is going to protect you from vandalism and even damage caused by wild animals and Mother Nature. It is crucial to find out what the limitations of the policy are so you know if you are going to be covered for the full value of the car in case the vehicle sustains enough damage to be considered “totaled”. Unfortunately, vandalism damage can ruin an engine and the body of the vehicle in an extreme manner. Always select the right type of comprehensive insurance for new vehicles. 

Knowledgeable Agencies

Most reputable agencies have knowledgeable agents willing to explain coverage in great detail. They will suggest coverage options that will provide complete coverage for whatever life throws at your vehicle. If you are looking for good auto insurance, consider consulting Saucon Insurance Agency serving the residents of Bethlehem, PA. Their agents will take the time to get to know your situation and recommend a solid course of action.

If you have a newer or valuable vehicle, you need good comprehensive coverage that will protect you in the event of damage or theft. If you are a resident of the Bethlehem, PA area, you can count on Saucon Insurance Agency to guide you through the policy selection process and even assist with claims. Call or stop by for more information.

Umbrella Insurance for Homeowners: Is It Necessary?

We at Saucon Insurance Agency have worked with Bethlehem, PA residents for years to help them find great umbrella insurance options. But many of our clients ask us if this type of policy is necessary for their home. While perhaps not a strict necessity, umbrella insurance is a good option for many people.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of extra liability coverage that goes into effect when your initial home insurance policy is maxed out or if it doesn’t cover a specific problem. For example, if somebody is injured at your home and sues you for $50,000 and your policy only covers $20,000, umbrella insurance pays the rest.

The exact range of coverage will vary depending on the policy a person purchases. However, this type of coverage is a nice buffer for people who are at high risk of being sued. While some individuals won’t need it, others will benefit greatly from umbrella coverage.

Is It Necessary?

Umbrella insurance might seem like a luxury that most people either don’t need or simply can’t afford. However, there are many reasons individuals who will find this coverage a good choice. Typically, umbrella insurance is good for people who:

  • Hold regular parties with many people
  • Invite friends over for extended periods
  • Take care of people on their property
  • Frequently house outside family members
  • Have home businesses to manage

These individuals will find the extra liability coverage provided by umbrella insurance very beneficial for their pocketbook. Many are likely to find that this increased coverage comes in handy when somebody gets injured unexpectedly on their property.

Finding a Policy You Can Afford

As you can see, Bethlehem, PA umbrella insurance provides benefits that may be worth the extra cost. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Saucon Insurance Agency to learn more about your options and to research your possible umbrella insurance choices.

Get Insured Before Making Your Motorcycle Road Trip

So, you love riding motorcycles? The sensation of the wind in your face is unbeatable, right?

Well, before you plan your next long-distance road trip, whether within PA or to another state, be sure to make arrangements to protect your financial well-being.

Too many cyclists fail to purchase adequate motorcycle insurance and then find themselves having to pay out-of-pocket expenses beyond their means. Accidents always happen when people least expect them.

Following are some of the top types of insurance coverage cyclists tend to like best. And, if you are interested in knowing more about specific rates, contact Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem PA, for more information.

Basic Liability

This level of coverage is the minimum allowed.

In general, you can use basic liability insurance to handle costs arising from accidents in which you are at fault. Without liability coverage, you could face serious financial and legal problems.

Collision Insurance

Running into another vehicle is a constant concern for cyclists. In some cases, you may even need to purchase a new motorcycle, or other transport, for yourself or another party. Having collision insurance to help is essential.

Uninsured Driver Policy

Well, unfortunately, you cannot always assume everyone else on the road is fully insured.

Some motorists take the chance of driving without any coverage at all. If they cause an accident with your motorcycle, then you will need some additional insurance to pay for the damages.

Likewise, other drivers have only basic liability insurance, which, given the rising costs of repairs, can often fall short of the amount needed.

Get Informed Advice Today

Never take an extended motorcycle road trip without first speaking with an insurance agent.

For specific rate information, the professionals at Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA, have got you covered. Visit the website today or give a call.


What is Toy Insurance?

Toys are not just for kids! In fact, many adults love their expensive, large toys such as boats, all-terrain vehicles, RVs, and even golf carts. These toys are both fun and expensive and for this reason, it is a good idea to cover them with toy insurance in Bethlehem, PA. If anything were to happen to these expensive toys, your investment would be ruined if you do not have the right coverage – and replacing any of these toys would be more expensive than having them insured in the first place. At Saucon Insurance Agency we know how much you love your toys and we want to help you protect them by guiding you through the insurance coverage process that will keep them protected. 

Some of the most popular toys that are covered by individual insurance policies can be found here:

  • campers and trailers
  • boats and other watercraft
  • motorcycles
  • all-terrain vehicles
  • golf carts
  • dune buggies
  • antique cars
  • motor homes

While insurance policies offer general coverage for the above toys, the insurance coverage will vary depending on the toy. It’s a good idea to get in touch with Saucon Insurance Agency to see which policy or policies you can purchase for your individual toys. General coverage includes liability insurance, collision, comprehensive coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Many of these toys run at high speeds that can cause serious injury and damage in the event of an accident. 

To learn more about insurance coverage for your toys and what the state of Pennsylvania requires under the law, contact Saucon Insurance Agency today. We will take the time to find you the right policy for your particular toys. We serve the Bethlehem, PA area and are here to answer all of your questions about toy insurance. Contact us today at 610-868-1800. 


Can a Lender Require You to Purchase Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is something that there are many questions floating around about. Some homeowners believe that their regular home insurance covers flooding, but unfortunately, it does not. Another question that some people have is whether a lender can require you to purchase flood insurance. Here at Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem, PA area, we want you to fully understand whether you can be required to purchase flood insurance. Here is what you need to know about this topic. 

Can a Lender Require You to Purchase Flood Insurance?

When you take out a loan for your home, the lender has to protect their interest in the home. After all, if you fail to make your payments, foreclosing on and selling your home is the lender’s way of recovering their money. As such, a lender can require you to purchase flood insurance. Many lenders require this for homes that are built on a flood plain or an area that is susceptible to flooding. 

How Do You Know if Your Lender Requires Flood Insurance?

If your lender requires flood insurance, it will be in your lending contract. You should carefully read over this contract before you close on your home to see what the lender requires of you, including, but not limited to, carry home insurance and carrying flood insurance. If the original lending contract does not list flood insurance as a requirement, the lender cannot require it of you unless you refinance your home or make changes to your existing mortgage. 

Is your lender requiring you to purchase flood insurance or are you simply interested in protecting your home? Then contact Saucon Insurance Agency. We can help to answer any additional questions you have about flood insurance in the greater Bethlehem, PA area, and help you find the flood insurance policy that is ideal for you. Call us now to get started. 

Three Myths About Boat Insurance

At Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem PA, we can help individuals obtain boat insurance. Unfortunately, though, we often find that people believe many myths related to boat insurance, and as such, don’t believe they need boat insurance or don’t have the right coverage for their needs. Here are three common myths related to boat insurance and the truth surrounding these myths. 

Home Insurance Covers Your Boat

One of the myths related to boat insurance is that it isn’t needed because home insurance covers a boat stored on your property. Some home insurance policies will cover a boat stored in your garage or backyard, but most are starting to exclude toys stored at your home, including boats and four wheelers. As such, it is important to have a separate boat insurance policy to cover your boat. 

Boat Insurance Covers You Wherever You Go Boating

Another common myth is that boat insurance covers you regardless of where you boat. This is not true. Some policies limit what types of bodies of water you can have your boat in, what states you can have your boat in or where you can travel in your boat. Always review your policy to ensure your boat is covered wherever you plan on using it. 

Boat Insurance is Not Required By Law

Lastly, some people believe boat insurance is not required by law. Most states, including Pennsylvania, require boat insurance in order to register and operate a boat. If you want to lawfully and legally use your boat, you need boat insurance. 

It may not be boating season, but boat insurance is still important. If you need boat insurance in the greater Bethlehem, PA area, contact Saucon Insurance Agency. Our trained professionals can help to answer any questions you may have or help you find the right policy for your needs. 

Is RV & Camper Insurance a Requirement?

An RV or camper can be a great recreational vehicle that can be used to tour the country. For those that are in the Bethlehem PA area and have an RV, making sure that it is covered properly by insurance is very important. There several situations in which having RV and camper insurance will be a requirement for you. 

State Requirements

If you plan on driving your RV in the state of Pennsylvania, you will be required by law to carry liability insurance on the RV. The minimum requirements including having liability coverage of at least $30,000 in property damage coverage plus an additional $30,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, with a $60,000 minimum cap per incident. It is important to remember that this type of coverage will only provide you with coverage for the other party’s vehicles in an accident in which you are at fault.

Lender Requirements

Since an RV or camper can be an expensive investment, you may need to take out a loan in order to finance the purchase of the RV. If you do take out a loan, there is a good chance that the lender will require that you have additional collision and comprehensive coverage in place as long as the loan is outstanding. This provides you with coverage for a wide variety of issues including theft or accidents. 

If you own an RV or camper in the Bethlehem, PA area, you should meet with the Saucon Insurance Agency to better understand your insurance needs. The Saucon Insurance Agency will be able to help you review your current situation to figure out what type of coverage that you need to have on your RV or camper. This will help to ensure you get the right level of coverage and stay in compliance with all regulations. 

Commercial Insurance for Personal Vehicles Used for Business Purposes

There have been many instances where a business owner was caught off-guard by the fact that there is a need to have commercial insurance for all vehicles used by a company or its employees for any business purposes. The problems come up when a business owner does not understand that the courts have interpreted “any business purpose” to have a very wide meaning. Your agent at Saucon Insurance Agency, serving Bethlehem, PA and the nearby communities, will conduct a thorough commercial insurance review to make sure your commercial vehicle insurance is adequate.

Here are some surprising examples of some vehicle use that courts considered a “business purpose”:

  • The boss lends his car to an employee to drive to the pizza store to pick up lunch ordered by the boss for the employees. The employee has an accident on the trip. Even though the personal car of the boss is involved in the accident, it was being used for a business purpose.
  • A company rewards employees who volunteer to use their personal vehicles to carpool other employees to work. The payment of a reward changes the use of the vehicle from personal use to business purpose.
  • A tractor is stolen and driven on the highway causing an accident. Even though the tractor use was not authorized, this was still within the wide definition of the business purpose of the tractor.
  • A salesperson drives a company car to go to meetings with clients and then gets in an accident while driving the company car to a vacation spot. Again, even an unauthorized use of the company vehicle is still is considered a business purpose.
  • The boss parks his brand new high-priced sports car in front of the company’s main retail store to attract attention. It attracts so much attention that this causes an accident. Even though this is a personal car, using it in this way is a business purpose.

Talk with your attorney as needed and then talk with your agent at Saucon Insurance Agency in Bethlehem, PA to make sure all vehicles used for any business purposes have commercial insurance coverage.

What Type of Insurance Should I Offer to My Employees?

Most employers want to provide their employees with the best possible insurance coverage at an affordable price. The agents of Saucon Insurance Agency are available to discuss the different types of policies and packages they offer to companies in Bethlehem, PA. They can help to identify specific risks that may impact the types of insurance needed for different industries. 

Types of Insurance

There are several different types of insurance that employers can offer to their employees. A few of the most common include:

  • Health insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Long/short-term disability
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life

It’s important to know what types of insurance your employees are interested in having. Once you know what they want and the affordability of each, you can make a decision as to which ones you want to offer. You will also have to take into consideration the industry you work in and what is commonly offered by other companies with similar risks.

Different Packages

While Workers’ Compensation is mandatory, you can create packages that offer health, life, and long/short disability. If your employees are willing to pay a little more each week or you are willing to match what they pay, you may want to include dental and vision. The type of package you create for your employees will depend on their needs as well as how affordable the policies are. 

If you are interested in putting together an insurance package for your employees, call the Saucon Insurance Agency and ask for an evaluation. They are available to business owners in the Bethlehem, PA and the surrounding areas. Call today and get the information you need!

Is Lightning Damage Covered By My Home Insurance Policy?

Lighting strikes are probably a lot more common than you think, with over 20 million strikes reported each year in the United States. Luckily, most basic home insurance policies will cover the damage caused by both lightning strikes as well as power surges and other electrical incidents. At the Saucon Insurance Agency, we are here to provide such coverage to our clients in the greater Bethlehem, PA area. 

How Your Home Insurance Policy Can Protect You from Lightning Damage

If your home is struck by lightning it may become uninhabitable, especially if the strike causes a fire. While a basic home policy will cover the damage to your property, it may not provide reimbursement for expenses relating to your temporary relocation. Additionally, there may be valuable items in your home that exceed the maximum coverage amount of your policy. It is highly advisable that you have a regular policy review of your entire insurance portfolio to make sure that your home policy provides adequate coverage to protect you and your family in the event of a lightning strike or other natural disaster. Basic policies will cover some damage to your home but may not be adequate to protect your belongings and other ancillary expenses that can arise after a natural disaster. Make sure that you have the right coverage in place now before you need it!

Want to learn more about lightning coverage and other protection that a comprehensive home insurance policy can provide? Call or stop by the Saucon Insurance Agency today to meet with one of our helpful agents who can review your home insurance options for your residence in the greater Bethlehem, PA area.