Pennsylvania Motorcycle Liability Insurance

Like all other states, Pennsylvania requires people operating motorcycles on its roadways to be financially responsible. To satisfy Pennsylvania's minimum motorcycle liability insurance requirements, you're required to carry $15,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per occurrence and $5,000 in property damage coverage.

Insurance in a motorcycle wreck can be critical, particularly if you're liable. Do you really think this is enough coverage for you and a passenger or even just you alone? That's highly unlikely. The agent that sells you that minimum liability policy in 15 minutes isn't doing you any favors.

Pennylvania enacted the mandatory insurance law for a reason. There were just too many irresponsible drivers on the road with no insurance. Some people continue to ignore the law though. They continue to drive without any coverage. Through no fault of your own, you can be involved in an accident with somebody that ignored the law and never bought insurance. No matter how much liability coverage you have, it's not going to help you. Your independent insurance agent will show you other coverages available for you at little additional cost. That coverage rides with you should you get hit by an uninsured driver.

Medical bills from motorcycle accidents can be financially devastating. It might be quick and easy to get by with minimum policy limits, Your Pennsylvania independent insurance agent will caution you against just that, and show you how you're making a mistake. As opposed to a single "better" policy available, your independent agent can suggest different alternatives for you from several different insurers.

When you're riding, you want protection all around you, not just ahead of you. Go have a cup of coffee with your independent insurance agent. They're happy to talk about your coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance: Are You Paying Too Much Money?

When you have access to several motorcycle insurance quotes, it's easy to compare various discounts offered by different insurance agencies. The main thing to remember about cheap insurance is that you need to discuss the fine details with our experienced agent who will explain valid methods that result in discounts.

One way to get a substantial discount that could add up to 15 to 35 percent off your premiums is to own multiple policies with our agency. If you already have a homeowners insurance policy with us, get a discount when you insure your motorcycle with our agency. Think about insuring your other vehicles with our agency so you can take advantage of receiving cheap motorcycle insurance coverage. Remember to insure all your bikes with our agency if you want to realize maximum discounts.

Ride your motorcycle for five years without getting into any accidents on the road, and you may learn that you're eligible for a discount. If you enjoy riding your bike with other motorcycle enthusiasts, join a motorcycle riding organization to get a 10 percent discount off your insurance premiums. If you're a farmer who belongs to the Farm Bureau, speak with our agent to find out if your membership qualifies you for a 5 percent discount. Volunteer to take a motorcycle safe driving class, and you may qualify for an additional 5 percent discount.

After you obtain and compare a few motorcycle insurance quotes, contact us to speak with our independent agents. If you think you're paying too much money for motorcycle insurance, and you're looking for cheap coverage, call us to set up an appointment with our representative. We're one of the local insurance agencies that takes pride in serving you with the type of customer service you expect.