5 Things You’ll Want Covered by Your Boat Insurance Policy

If you own and operate a personal boat, there are a number of things you’re going to want to be covered by your boat insurance policy. Saucon Insurance serves those in the Bethlehem, PA area who are looking for the boat and other kinds of insurance. Here are five things you’re going to want to be covered in your boat insurance policy:

1. The Places Where You Are Planning to Boat

If you want to boat more than 75 miles off of the U.S. Coastline, you may need to purchase additional area coverage in order to ensure you’ve protected the areas where you are planning on going boating. 

2. Medical Expenses

Should you have an accident while boating and people are injured, having medical coverage for injury-related expenses can be useful. 

3. Boat Damage and Fuel Leakage

If your boat is damaged at some point and fuel spills into the water, then you could be held responsible as the owner fo the boat. Being covered on this point by your policy will mean fewer expenses should this happen.

4. Liability

You can acquire liability insurance, which functions similarly to car insurance. If you’re at-fault in a boating accident, then the insurance would cover the damages to other boats and any of the other party’s medical expenses that are incurred. 

5. Agreed Value 

Having coverage for your boat’s agreed valued, the value that it’s insured at can mean if it’s destroyed or stolen you can get back that full amount. 

If you’re looking for boat insurance and are located in the Bethlehem, PA area, contact Saucon Insurance today for more information. 


About General Liability Insurance In Pennsylvania

Small businesses are intricate parts of the economic sector in Pennsylvania. Among the thousands of companies in the state, more than 49 percent were small businesses with fewer than 500 employees. With so many entrepreneurs fueling the financial aspect of the region, it is essential to know about commercial liability insurance in Pennsylvania. Of course, Saucon Insurance Agency can help you find the best policy that will suit your needs in Bethlehem, PA. Here are a few other concepts about general liability insurance that you should know if you own a small business in Pennsylvania. 

Commercial Liability Insurance Protects Your Company

Financial loss can be significant when your business loses a lawsuit or falls prey to thieves who damage your physical property. Imagine your boat and wildlife company having to close for an extended period because of a break-in that left you without money and supplies. General liability insurance may cover some of the expenses related to the incident so that you can reduce out-of-pocket costs. The indemnity plan may also include costs associated with employee injuries and lawsuit costs such as lawyer fees and court assessments. 

General Liability Insurance Protects Against Financial Loss Caused By Frivolous Lawsuits

Pennsylvania is, unfortunately, ranked among the nation’s top states for petty lawsuits. The state’s constitution does not limit non-economic damages in liability suits and, thus, inevitably invites those who are looking for a quick payout to bring up frivolous charges against small businesses. You could easily find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit if a patron spills hot coffee on himself after leaving your coffee shop. It is in such instances of utter pettiness that you need a lawyer to fight for your innocence and assets. You also need an indemnity plan that pays out while you defend the integrity of your company in court. 

The amount of commercial liability insurance you obtain mainly depends on the type of business you have in Bethlehem, PA. Let an agent at Saucon Insurance Agency help you find the right policy. Contact us for a quote today!