Why Does Your Business Need Employee Benefit Insurance?

Employee benefits insurance in Bethlehem, PA helps provides coverage to an employer for any omissions or errors in the employee’s administration of the employee benefits. While this kind of insurance isn’t required, it does provide some protection. If your business offers benefits to employees as part of a work contract, and if there are different benefits offered, it can come in handy. This insurance will help your businesses if your business offers benefits to employees, your company has employees who manage the benefit programs that are offered, you have different benefits for different types of employees, or if your business has a high employee turnover. If you aren’t sure if your business would be aided by having employee benefit insurance, contact an agent at Saucon Insurance Agency.

Employee benefits insurance covers claims made by former or current employees who believe that a form of benefit that was outlined in their contract wasn’t properly managed on their behalf. Some of the things this can include a wrong description of benefits plans and eligibility rules, records or files related to employee benefits missing, or failure to enroll, maintain or terminate beneficiaries. The policy should cover all legally required benefits, any optional benefits, and all employees who are receiving benefits. It doesn’t recover any claims about poorly performing retirement plans, claims related to salary, any bodily injury claims, harassment claims, or any benefits offered to employees that don’t relate to money.

Claims like this against a business can be expensive and it can also hurt the reputation of the company. Insurance can help with some of the financial repercussions that these types of claims can cause. Make sure your plan covers the benefits your company offers.

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Why Businesses Need General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy in Bethlehem, PA can protect a business from a number of claims, including third-party bodily injury and damage to property.

Certain businesses can benefit more from liability insurance since they have more risks. An agent at Saucon Insurance Agency can help determine your risk. These businesses include that interact with clients face to face, have access to a client’s equipment, or use third-party locations for any business-related activity.

General liability insurance can cover a number of different claims. One of the main claims it covers is a third-party injury. Even with careful planning, accidents can still happen and this insurance will not only cover medical payments, but it will also cover any defense costs. The second main thing it covers is damage to third-party property. This can be damage that is caused by you or one of your employees. It pays for the damage and any defense costs as well. Property damage not only occurs with physical property, but it can also include electronic data liability. For example, property damage can occur when an IT professional damages a computer server and the client loses his or her data. Personal injury claims are another thing this insurance covers. Personal injury claims are often the result of slander and libel in business environments. These are false statements that can be damaging to a personal reputation. Advertising injury is also covered. This helps provide protection against the unintentional use of a third party’s advertising idea, or if your marketing or advertisements infringe on a copyright. This insurance not only protects your full time employees, but it will also protect temporary staff. If claims are filed against your business, there could be expenses that follow besides just medical payments and defense costs. General liability can also cover supplemental payments that occur after a claim.

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