My landlord claims that I have damaged the apartment and is keeping a part of my security deposit. Will the Bethlehem, PA renters insurance cover this loss?

As a renter you will want to have a renters insurance policy to cover all of your risk exposure as a tenant. Renters insurance is a policy that can be bought to help cover the cost of replacing your personal property. If your landlord has accused you of damaging the premises, then your policy may not cover the repairs. Here are some things that you will need to know about your renters insurance policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

What you Can Expect Your Renters Insurance to Cover Your Apartment Losses

  • Your renters insurance is only designed to pay for the things that are directly related to your things. If the building that you are living in is damaged, then your landlord will need to have their own homeowners insurance policy to file a claim.
  • Your security deposit is for any damages that you may incur while living on the premise. If you damage the property, then your landlord will withhold the money in order to fix the damages.
  • Your renters insurance will only cover your personal belongings. If there is a fire and all of your items are lost, then your policy will pay to fix what you have lost.

Items that are not covered on a home insurance policy will not be replaced if there is ever a need to file a claim. To help you determine what your policy can do for you contact your independent agent today. As your agent we can help you understand what your policy will cover and what needs to be done to strengthen your policy. A disaster can happen at anytime and you will need to have the policy in order to protect your personal belongings.

What happens if my home costs more to rebuild than my homeowner’s insurance provides in Bethlehem, PA?

If your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home has been severely damaged or destroyed, you may want to rebuild. However, if rebuilding your home costs more than your homeowner’s insurance provides — you may have some difficult decisions to make. You may have to figure out how to make up the difference in costs from your own pocket or build a home that you consider a downgrade from your previous home. Neither of these options is ideal because you must part with some cash or settle for less.

If you are concerned that your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the cost to rebuild your home, the best time to act is before you experience a loss. An independent agent can help you determine if you are truly covered in case of a loss and advise you about coverage that will provide for an adequate replacement.

Your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, insurance agent can help you assess the amount of coverage you need for rebuilding. You won’t need to worry about buying land, but constructing a new home that has the same features as your old home could cost more due to higher construction costs or higher standards that must be met according to today’s residential building codes. Many homeowners are tempted to purchase coverage based on the amount that their home would likely sell for, or what it is currently valued at, but they should also keep in mind that age brings the value of a home down. All-new construction could cost more than the current value of their existing home, meaning that they need to purchase more coverage than initially anticipated.

Do I need to notify Saucon Home Insurance if I change my name or add an individual to the deed for my home in Bethlehem, PA?

When you buy a homeowners policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania there are certain things that you have to do just to get the policy started. You will need to give your agent all of the home information, liability limits that you want to have on the policy and the kind of endorsements that you want to have. If you live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and are wondering what you can change on the policy, then here are some things that you can change.

What You can Change on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

  • When a person gets married there is a need to have a change name on the policy. All you have to do to notify your agent and request the change. You might have to provide proof of the change in order to get it done.
  • You can also change the liability limits on your policy. There are certain limits that you can choose from that you can protect your family with.
  • Make sure you are covered with all the right endorsements. If you need to have certain endorsements on the policy. then you can add and remove certain ones when you need too.
  • Not just any person can change a policy. It has to be the individual that is listed on the policy to request a change. So they would have to be the one to change your deductible if you need it lowered or higher.

To find out more about your homeowners insurance call your independent agent today. As your agent, we can make the changes that you need to your policy. All you have to do is call and we can give you the information that you need to make your policy right for your needs.

During a storm, a tree from my neighbor’s yard fell and destroyed my fence. Does my homeowner’s policy pay for the damage or does my neighbor’s policy in Bethlehem, PA?

When it comes to insurance there are a lot of things that are covered when your home is damaged. The damage to your home can happen from a lot of different sources. To help protect your home from storms that can come up suddenly you will need the coverage of a home insurance policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Here are some scenarios where your home policy will need to be in place before you can get the coverage you need.

Scenarios Where Your Homeowner Insurance Policy will Protect Your Home

  • If a storm moves through the area and your neighbors tree falls on your fence and it is destroyed, then your home policy will have to be the source to file a claim.
  • Flood waters can damage a lot of your property. If a flood happens and your neighbors car is smashed into your home, then you will need to have a flood insurance policy to pay for the damages.
  • If lightening strikes your neighbors home and a part of it damages your home, then you agent will look at the source of the damage to determine what or who is at-fault.

Your home is your major investment and will need the best kind of protection against all of the perils that can affect your home. To help you get the best kind of protection you will need to call your independent agent for help. As your agent we can help evaluate your policy and make it fit your protection needs. Give us a call today and let us work for you to protect your home.