Why Customers Prefer To Work With Independent Insurance Agents

If you are thinking about how to get the best insurance possible. This can provide you with a significant amount of peace of mind. You could search online and work with insurance companies independently, though it is much easier to work with independent insurance agents.

Insurance agents are extremely knowledgeable about the industry. They are often ahead of trends, and are extremely loyal to the community. They work with some of the top insurance companies throughout Pennsylvania and know which ones are going to provide the best levels of coverage and have the most affordable premiums.

Customers continue to work with independent insurance agents because it is more convenient. It’s easier to speak with an agent and discuss what kind of coverage is needed and what budget is available. The agent can then begin searching through the different companies and provide recommendations as to what policies are going to be the best. Quotes can be obtained, making it easier to compare.

Your time should be worth something. You may not have the time to browse through 4 to 5 different insurance companies and get quotes. They may be showing you policies that you don’t actually need. Many times, insurance companies are focused on their bottom line, not the individual. This is the opposite for an independent insurance agent. The goal of an independent insurance agent is to help you find a policy that you can rely on.

Surveys have spoken. Customers prefer to work with independent agents as opposed to insurance companies over the Internet because they like the personal touch. They want to know that they are getting something specific to them, and that is why agents will never go out of business.

Start working with independent insurance agents today by calling us at Saucon Insurance Agency. We look forward to helping you with all of your insurance needs in Bethlehem.




Tis the Season for Giving Cars

It might seem like a nice gesture giving the gift of a car, especially if the person is in need of a vehicle. However, it’s providing a person with more than just transportation. You’re giving them a financial responsibility and so much more. 


When you give someone a gift of a vehicle, it requires insurance. The minimum coverage by law varies from state to state. You should contact an insurance agent in Bethlehem, PA for a quote prior to purchasing the present. You’ll need to take into consideration if the person is able to pay the premium once he or she has the car in his or her possession. Even if you supply a policy for a short period of time, you need to make sure the person will be able to pay for it afterwards. You don’t want to give the gift of a burden and have the giftee feel bad because he or she can’t afford to keep the automobile. 


Depending on your state’s laws, the person you give the car to may be responsible for paying taxes on it. This could also be a problem if the person isn’t able to come up with the money. You don’t want to give them a gift that’s more of an issue than a present. 


Before you can give the person the vehicle, the title must be registered. That means you may have to put it in your name first and then transfer it. 

Prior to making any decisions, you should contact an agent at Saucon Insurance Agency at 610-868-1800. An agent will be able to discuss with you insurance requirements, so you can make the decision if a vehicle is the right gift to give this season.