What Is Not Covered By Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an add-on insurance policy, which for more, is worth buying. These policies provide additional coverage where existing insurance policies fail. For example, if you are in an accident in Bethlehem, PA, and sued for damages, your insurance policy only covers up the limits in the policy. The remaining balance of damages would be covered under an umbrella insurance policy. However, there are some things that umbrella insurance does not cover. 

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Here are some of those things not covered by an umbrella insurance policy: 

Business Losses

Personal umbrella insurance policies do not cover losses related to your business operation or damage to business property. This exclusion even applies if you have a home-based business. Additionally, personal umbrella insurance does not cover business-related liabilities. 


Liability arising from a written or oral contract you have entered into is not typically covered under a personal umbrella insurance policy. If sued regarding these contracts, you are most likely not protected by the umbrella policy. 

Criminal and Intentional Actions

Your personal umbrella insurance policy will not protect you from consequences related to any intentionally harmful or illegal actions conducted by you. 

Personal Property

Umbrella insurance protects you against damages to someone else’s property should you be held responsible for the damage. However, umbrella insurance typically does not cover your personal property or damages to your property. 

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance? 

Anyone can benefit from purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy. It is beneficial because accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and having the extra coverage provides you the protection against facing significant financial loss. 

Personal umbrella insurance in Bethlehem, PA helps protect you against liability associated with accidents and damage to another person’s property. For additional information, call our agents at Saucon Insurance Agency today. 

4 Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

 Spectacular and affordable protection in Bethlehem, PA is an instrumental requirement for all motorcycle riders. When you are hitting Bethlehem, PA roadways with your cruiser through the urban sprawl of Philly or undertaking a long motorcycle ride through farm country, you need prolific motorcycle insurance from Saucon Insurance Agency to safeguard you on the road. Buying motorcycle insurance from a reputable insurer is the ultimate way to ensure your coverage is sufficient to avert the financial nightmare at your disposal. Contact our agents at Saucon Insurance Agency and let our agents forge the strongest shield possible to cushion the things you are working hard to build.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania requires that all motorcycle riders maintain minimum liability coverage. Pennsylvania advocates each rider to carry minimum liability requirements, including bodily injury and property damage. Devoid of conforming to the stipulated requirements, you are liable for dire consequences like fines and license suspension. Motorcycle insurance harbors the following benefits:

It’s a legal requirement.

 Most motorcycle owners in Bethlehem, PA, buy insurance because it’s a requirement by law. Regardless of undertaking training and licensing to own a bike, you must carry suitable motorcycle insurance before hitting the road. Pennsylvania requires motorcycle riders to maintain bodily injury and property damage liability in their motorcycle insurance.

Liability protection

 Liability insurance shields you if you are deemed liable for any property damage or bodily injuries you inflict on third parties after a collision. Reimburses costs for medical expenses resulting from injuries inflicted after causing an accident and repair fees before you ponder your next move.

Protection of your motorcycle

Collision and comprehensive policies cater to the damage done to your property. Collision coverage caters to the repair or replacement of your motorbike if damaged by a collision with other motorists. At the same time, comprehensive coverage relays the same form of protection if your motorcycle gets damaged by non-collision events, even if it is parked at your home.

Medical payments and personal injury protection

Medical insurance helps to pay your own reasonable and necessary medical bills irrespective of who propagated the accident. Personal injury protection caters to lost wages, child care, and other related expenses incurred as you recover from injuries.

Every motorcycle rider knows that each motorcycle is unique. At Saucon Insurance Agency situated in Bethlehem, PA, we cover just about everything. Whether you cherish three wheels or two wheels, we offer customized insurance shields commensurate with your specific passion. Contact us today for more information.