Will my Commercial Insurance Cover Injuries Caused Due to a Lift Accident at my Office in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

When an accident occurs in your office in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, you may worry about the possible liability implications. The injured parties may decide to take your business to court as a result of a lift accident. Since the accident may have caused major injuries or even stolen the life of an individual, the situation is worrisome to any business owner. Fortunately, commercial insurance covers liability in case accidents occur in your office.

Basics of Liability

In many cases, you will be covered if an accident occurs in your office or the building where your office is located in Northampton County due to the liability protection. Even if you are not responsible for the maintenance of the lift, the injured parties might attempt to sue your company due to the injuries and their reason for being in the lift at the time of the accident.

Liability protection will help pay for the medical expenses and legal costs if you face a court case as a result of the situation.

Possible Variations in Coverage

Although many companies will provide some basic liability coverage, the amount that you have and the situations that are covered will vary. In some cases, you may be fully covered. Other insurers may provide only partial coverage or have exceptions that prevent you from making a claim. Contact your insurer if you are not sure about the specific exceptions so that you can gain an explanation if you do not know if the situation is covered.

Commercial coverage is designed for the needs of businesses. As a result, you may be covered when accidents occur in or around your office. To learn more about commercial coverage, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Do Home Renovations Affect my Home Insurance Policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

When you are planning to renovate your home, it may be necessary to call your insurance provider in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to ensure that the renovations will not prevent you from having coverage during the time that changes are being made. Northampton County insurers may decide that renovations nullify certain coverage, so it is important to check with your insurer before you make any changes to your house.

Possible Exclusions

Your policy may have exclusions related to renovations due to the possible risk of liability and injuries that occurs when you are making changes to a house. Depending on the project and the situation, you may not be covered for liability or injuries while the house is being changed.

Although exclusions may exist, in some cases the changes will affect the entire policy. If you make additions to your house or any other major changes, it might be necessary to obtain a greater amount of coverage.

Adding to the Policy

After the renovations are complete, it might be necessary to add to your current policy because the insurance provider may determine that the house is worth more due to the changes or that a greater amount of liability protection is necessary.

In many cases, minor changes like updating your kitchen counters will not cause your policy to change. Large changes to the house, such as adding a room or putting in a pool, will usually require a greater amount of coverage and will affect your policy.

The impact of renovations on your home insurance policy will vary based on the situation and project. If you are not sure about the impact, then contact your insurer to learn about the possible changes that may occur. To learn more, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Can a Person in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Without a Driving License Get Car Insurance ?

Obtaining a driving license is important if you want to operate a motor vehicle in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but it does not necessarily mean that you are not able to obtain insurance for a vehicle you purchased before you get a license. If you have a driver’s permit and you own the car, then you may be eligible for auto coverage.

Variation between Companies

Since it is illegal to drive without a permit or a license, different companies will have a different policy when you want to obtain coverage. A person may be eligible to protect the vehicle and other drivers, but the company may determine that coverage is not possible until after a legal permit or license is obtained.

Drivers with a permit must have a licensed, adult passenger in the vehicle when they are driving. However, a permit may allow you to obtain coverage in Northampton County.

Comparing Options

If you have not yet obtained your driving license, then you should get a license before you purchase a vehicle. Companies can deny coverage if you are not licensed or can require proof of a license or permit before providing coverage. Compare your insurance options carefully before you decide that the company is appropriate for your needs. It will help ensure that you are not over-paying to protect your personal assets and finances.

Obtaining a car before you have a license may require you to look for coverage for other drivers until you are able to obtain the license. Although you may be able to find a company that will cover the vehicle, you may be required to have another licensed driver operate the car until after you’ve obtained a state license. To learn more about state laws and coverage options, call us to talk to an independent agent.

Will my auto insurance vary, if I use my car as a taxi in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

If you use your vehicle to shuttle paying customers around Bethlehem or Northampton County, you will need to upgrade your auto insurance. When you use your vehicle for business, you not only have to comply with Pennsylvania laws, but you also have to get the right type of insurance to cover the loss that you could incur while using your vehicle as a taxi cab.

What Type of Coverage You Will Need

If you don’t upgrade your insurance, you could find yourself at a major loss if you get into an accident while you are using your vehicle to provide taxi services. If your insurance company catches on that you are engaged in commercial activities when you get in an accident, they will reject your claim outright, leaving you to foot the bill for any damages or medical costs that you incur.

Commercial insurance is a special form of coverage that addresses the risks that you will face when using your vehicle for business. It includes liability coverage that will cover the injuries to your customers and shield you from any lawsuits that may arise following an accident. Commercial insurance also includes physical damage coverage to cover the damage to your car that is caused by a collision. This crucial form of coverage ensures that a wreck won’t put you out of business.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

The levels of coverage available to commercial drivers may vary between insurance companies. This is why it helps to shop with an independent agent. We carry insurance policies from multiple carriers so that you can compare the merits of different policies side-by-side. To learn more about obtaining the right type of insurance for your car, contact us today to speak with an independent agent.