Don’t Fall For Top Life Insurance Myths In Bethlehem, PA

You want to get a good life insurance policy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This means you need to know all about the top myths so that you can make well-informed decisions. You don’t want to fall for any of the misconceptions regarding life insurance.

Everyone Needs Life Insurance

Somewhere along the line a myth developed that life insurance is only for people who are retired. Everyone needs a life insurance policy because there are no guarantees as to when your time is up. Having a policy, even in your 30s and 40s, can pay off, particularly if you do pass before your time.

Those in Poor Health Can be Covered

One myth is that you cannot get life insurance coverage if you are in poor health. This is not accurate. You can find companies that will issue you a policy, though it may be more expensive and be limited in coverage. However, it can still be obtained, regardless of what your health conditions are.

Comparisons Will Get the Best Premiums

Another myth is that the only way to get the best premium is to shop online. The truth is that you need to make comparisons from multiple insurance companies in order to ensure that you are truly getting the best price based upon your individual needs and situation.

Term is Just One of the Options

There is a myth out there that term life insurance should be the only type of policy purchased – and the remaining amount of money should be invested. Whole and universal life insurance can provide a cash value and therefore it is another option that you need to consider, especially if your budget allows.

At Saucon Insurance Agency, our knowledgeable insurance agents can help you find a life insurance policy that works best for you and your budget. Call today and learn more about how we can offer assistance.



Keep Your Home Safe This Halloween

In just a few days, kids of all ages will begin swarming neighborhoods in Bethlehem, PA, searching for the best king-size candy bars. Trick-or-treating is a fun time for all involved, as children get candy and adults get to see kids’ costumes. Make sure Halloween at your home is fun and doesn’t result in an accident. We’ve compiled a short list of tips for staying safe on October 31.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Halloween decorations add to the fun festivities, but they also can create safety hazards. As you put up ghost, ghouls, and goblins, don’t forget to make sure:

  • your yard is clear of decorations that trick-or-treaters could trip over
  • all lit jack-o-lanterns are kept away from flammable items
  • your indoor decorations aren’t fire hazards

Safety doesn’t need to impede your decorating efforts this October, but it should be kept in mind whenever you put a decoration up.

Insuring Your Home Against Fire

Additionally, you might want to review your home insurance for coverage against fires. Even if you’re extremely cautious when decorating, a turned-over jack-o-lantern or burnt pumpkin seeds could start a fire. By maintaining a good home insurance policy, you can financially protect yourself from fires started by covered causes.

For help understanding how home insurance policies treat house fires, contact us at Saucon Insurance Agency. Our agents can explain what types of fires are typically covered by home insurance, and we’ll help you look for the specific coverage you need. If your policy doesn’t fully protect you, our independent agents can also help you find a policy that will afford enough protection.

To get in touch with us, contact us through our website. Have a great time decorating, and stay safe this Halloween.