Don’t Play Around With Your Insurance

Toys and collectibles have become big business as people reclaim memories from their childhood or simply engage in the business of toy collecting. Find reliable toy insurance through our independent agents at the Saucon Insurance Agency. Proudly serving the Bethlehem, PA communities, we have access to the latest insurance policies available for protection of your toy collections and investments.


Whether it’s Tonka or Barbie, the original Star Wars collection, or anything else, your toy collection represents parts of your childhood that involve imagination and the innocence of younger days. You’ll want to protect those objects with their emotional ties. We can discuss unfortunate incidents that you have to think about, like forces of nature, theft, and other loss. Toy insurance will assist you in maintaining your collection that has taken so much energy to gather together.


When you invest in toys, you invest in the culture of childhood. People want to preserve those memories and that childhood excitement, and you can help them. Investing in reliable insurance coverage allows you to continue your business free of worries should anything unforeseen happen to it. Insurance will help you get your feet back on the ground when things go wrong due to Mother Nature, loss, and accidents. Preserve the culture. Protect your business. Secure your investment. 


Learn the facts about toy insurance coverage and safeguard your investments. Our representatives at the Saucon Insurance Agency can sit down with you, learn about your collections, and answer your questions. We’ll find the policy that will work for you and give you peace of mind. After all, collecting toys means collecting unique memories, and you don’t want to play around with that. Contact us in the Bethlehem, PA area today.

Protecting Your Livelihood with Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance pays additional funds when your primary policies are triggered. Self-employed people, solopreneurs, private contractors, home-based workers, and other non-traditional wage earners need umbrella coverage to protect the tools and property they use to make a living. Here are some ways a commercial umbrella policy from the Saucon Insurance Agency can keep your Bethlehem, PA business solvent through a number of threats.

  • General liability policies cover costs associated with loss or damage that occurs on your property. If a visitor claims to have been hurt or had property destroyed while on your property, general liability covers your portion of court-ordered payments. However, serious injuries or catastrophic loss of property can quickly eat up standard payouts, leaving small business owners to pay these costs out-of-pocket. Umbrella insurance policies can cover those costs instead, leaving your precious cashflow free to work for you.
  • Commercial auto insurance protects the fleet, service, and other business vehicles. During times of expansion, small business owners may invest in new vehicles to expand their abilities to deliver goods and services. If an accident causes severe damage to the new vehicle, the primary auto insurance usually covers any remaining financed costs. The business owner is left to find the funds to replace the missing vehicle. An umbrella policy would provide enough additional funding to purchase a replacement vehicle so no opportunities are lost.
  • Professional liability insurance protects workers, like medical professionals, who work directly with the public. If a client sues the professional for malpractice, professional liability policies help pay for lawyers, fees, and other costs associated with the case. This coverage may not be enough to protect private wealth from court-ordered restitution payments. An umbrella policy protects professionals from losing their property in a legal case.

Saucon Insurance Agency offers customized business insurance policies in the Bethlehem, PA area. Contact our representatives now to find out how umbrella coverage can complete your protection plan.