Can You Add Umbrella Insurance to Any Type of Insurance Policy?

Insurance is a wonderful way to protect your belongings, yourself, and your family but it may not always meet your needs. Though individual policies are tailored to each purchaser, they may not have all the coverage that you need to be fully protected. This is where umbrella insurance comes into play. For those that live in the Bethlehem, PA area, the agents with Saucon Insurance Agency can tell you just what umbrella insurance is and where it can be applied.

It is helpful to first look at what umbrella insurance is. Umbrella policies are those that go above and beyond typical policies. They can be added to virtually any type of policy that you may have to help cover any gaps you feel you may have and to help add extra coverage above and beyond what your existing policy already covers. They are put in place to help keep you safe and to help make sure that each and every single policy you have covers any event that might take place. The only stipulation is that an umbrella policy is not going to take place of specific insurance that is required by law like auto or home insurance.

These umbrella policies are put in place to add extra coverage without altering your existing policy or without paying extra premiums associated with that policy. Umbrella policies are generally less expensive than some policies and may help you get more coverage without sending your rates through the roof. They also help you to fully customize your policy to get the exact amount of coverage that you want and need to feel fully safe and secure.

For those that live in the Bethlehem, PA area, the agents with Saucon Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect umbrella policy to add to any of your existing policies.

Four mistakes to avoid when you purchase umbrella insurance

One of the best ways to ensure that you have coverage for every possible liability you could experience in Bethlehem, PA is to get umbrella insurance that will offer comprehensive insurance. While it’s smart to purchase umbrella insurance for those who have a lot of assets to protect, you need to avoid potential mistakes to make the smartest investment in this insurance product.

The following are four mistakes it’s important to avoid when you purchase umbrella insurance from a provider like Saucon Insurance Agency:

Neglecting to analyze what coverage you already have before making a purchase

Umbrella insurance is typically as additional coverage on top of what one already has. It’s therefore important to analyze current coverage before purchasing it to see where there are gaps that are leaving the policy holder susceptible to liabilities and financial loss. You need to look at the policies you have and analyze nuances in depth to see where insurance or gaps and coverage are leaving you vulnerable.

Purchasing umbrella insurance without first undergoing a loss analysis to analyze your liabilities

Take advantage of a loss analysis to examine all the claims you have made on your insurance policies up to this point. Consider whether your policies have easily covered your needs or whether your claims have been denied or only partially fulfilled in the past.

Not getting the opinion of a claims consultant

Before purchasing, discuss coverage options with an experienced and knowledgeable claims consultant for invaluable advice on what umbrella insurance can do for you. 

Not getting coverage for recreational possessions and liabilities

A lot of people are more focused on business and practical assets and overlook recreational assets. Yet recreational assets can be very valuable and open consumers up to unique liabilities against which they need to be protected.