What is Employee Benefits Insurance?

Our team at Saucon Insurance Agency is poised to meet all of the insurance needs of our Bethlehem, PA customers. Employee Benefits Insurance combines many different forms of insurance designed to meet various needs. These plans include health insurance as well as employee stock plans.

Employee benefits liability
Employee benefits liability or (EBL) is insurance designed to cover businesses when they make errors and omissions in administering employee benefit plans. This type of insurance can help companies invest in a backup plan when these errors occur. 

Workers Compensation
Most companies are required to provide workers’ compensation for employees who are injured on the job. Our insurance agency can help your company establish workers’ compensation coverage for your employees. This is usually a requirement. 

Health and Dental Insurance
Our insurance agency is happy to introduce employee benefits insurance to companies who want to offer the option of insurance to their employees. These packages include health and dental insurance which allows employees to visit their dentist or doctor and pay a manageable co-pay. 

Life Insurance
Life insurance is another form of insurance that may be offered as part of an employee benefits program. Life insurance is designed to take care of your financial obligations and family in the event of your death, maybe even untimely death. We can help guide any decisions that an employee may need to make when it comes to life insurance. How much? What type? The questions can be endless. We’re here to help. 

Profit-Sharing/Employee Stock Plans and More…
Other employee benefits can include stock options, profit sharing, 401K’s as well as other forms of benefits that help create more financial security for employees. Our Bethlehem, PA team at Saucon Insurance Agency is ready and waiting to answer any and all of your employee benefits insurance questions. Give us a call.

How much general liability insurance do you need?

Your business in Bethlehem, PA is one of your greatest assets. Not only does your company provide revenue, so you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, but your small business also serves as a pillar in the community. What would happen if a customer were injured while at your facility? Do you have enough general liability insurance protection to guard against financial ruin? The agents at Saucon Insurance Agency can help you determine if your coverage is enough. 

Is general liability insurance required?

There is no state law that requires business owners in Bethlehem PA to have general liability insurance. You may, however, be required to show proof of such protection if you are leasing commercial space in town. 

You should not forgo general liability protection simply because it may not be required. Many small business owners are faced with the possibility of closure after an incident in which an injured customer’s medical bills and other expenses drain the company’s assets. 

How much general liability insurance do you need?

The amount of general liability coverage you need will depend on a number of factors, which include the type of business you are running as well as how often customers frequent the facility. 

In general, small business owners who have at least $500,000 in insurance protection can breathe more easily when the unthinkable happens. Entrepreneurs with upwards of $1 million in protection may find themselves fully protected when a customer is injured and demands payment for related recovery costs. 

Call Saucon Insurance Agency for help!

We have been around for years and understand the importance of the small business sector in Bethlehem, PA. Call us today if you feel your general liability insurance coverage may not be enough!