Compare Online Auto and Home Insurance Quotes in Bethlehem, PA

Most insurance companies offer discounts for purchasing both auto and homeowners insurance through them. When shopping for insurance, this can make comparing rates from different companies a little challenging. Not only must you make sure that the policies you are comparing are identical, but you need to do so for two different policies, auto and homeowners insurance, at the same time. With our online insurance quotes, however, we have made this process as simple as possible for residents in Bethlehem, PA.

Look at Homeowners and Auto Insurance Together

First, our online comparison tool should be used to look at both homeowners and auto insurance policies simultaneously. This way, it know to take into account the discounts offered by insurance companies for combining policies. The exact discount varies from company to company.

Make Sure the Policies are the Same

Once you have policies to compare, make sure they are the same. The two homeowners quotes you are comparing should provide the same level of coverage for the dwelling, other structures, personal belongings, loss of use and personal liability. The deductibles should also be the same. After confirming that the homeowners policies are identical, do the same for the auto insurance policies.

Shop All the Major Insurers

Our online tool, unlike other ones that provide insurance quotes, is able to shop all of the major companies that offer insurance in Bethlehem. We are an independent agency, which means we are not tied to any one insurer. Whether you go through our agents or our online tool, we will help you find the most affordable policies available.

Select the Best Policy

Once you have compared all of the policies our online tool pulls up, you are ready to select the best option for your situation. Simply choose your preference, and we will guide you through the remainder of the process. In just a few clicks, you will be set up with new insurance policies.

Bethlehem, PA, insurance quotes

When you shop for insurance, you want to make sure you get the best coverage at the most affordable price. You can go about finding insurance quotes in several ways.

Call Your Favorite Insurers

You can pick several insurance companies and give them a call. The issue with this approach, however, is that you’ll have no idea if you left off an insurance company that might have been able to offer you a great deal.

Visit Insurance Company Websites

You can get Bethlehem, PA insurance quotes from insurance companies that service the area by visiting their websites. This is a good option if you already have a few insurance companies in mind. You can go on each company’s website and complete an application. The more details you give about your situation, the more accurate your quote will be. This works best if you’ve already done some research, and you’re knowledgeable about the coverage that various insurance companies in the area offer.

Visit an Online Quote System

With online quote websites, you only need to fill out one application. The website will then send your information to several insurance companies. The thing to keep in mind about this approach is that the website owners receive commissions for business they send to the insurance company. Therefore, indirectly, they work for the insurance company, not you. This also means that they send your information only to companies with which they do business. So, the company that might be able to offer you a deal might not be on their list.

Your Best Option

Call us. As your local Pennsylvania insurance agents, we’ll go to work for you. We’ll talk with you about your situation, and then show you the companies that can offer you the most affordable coverage. You also can visit our website and compare insurance companies. Either way, your information stays with us until you’re ready to buy a policy.