Will liability car insurance cover injuries to people on public transport caused due to a major accident in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

If you live in Bethlehem, Northampton County, or anywhere else in the state of Pennsylvania and want to drive a car, you must have auto insurance. Pennsylvania state insurance laws require you to carry a minimum amount of bodily injury and property liability insurance to help cover any liability you may have to other people should you be involved in an accident.

The required minimum coverage of $15,000 for one person and $30,000 for all people in a single accident may be adequate for minor accidents, but hardly enough if you get involved in a major accident where many people are hurt. If, for example, you hit a public transport vehicle like a city bus, your liability could soar into the millions.

Injuries caused to people on public transport are covered up to the limit of your liability coverage on your personal auto insurance policy. If your liability coverage is not enough to pay for any valid claims filed against you, your Bethlehem house and all of your personal assets could be at risk.

Car liability insurance covers any accident, whether it is to a public transport vehicle, a commercial truck or a passenger vehicle. The big issue is whether or not you have a sufficient amount of liability coverage, especially if you are found to be at fault in a major accident that injures or kills many people.

As your independent agent, we always stress the importance of having the right amount of auto insurance coverage. You should consider the consequences of not having enough liability insurance to cover major accidents with multiple injuries. Not only could your home and other assets be put at risk, but you may even have to make payments for years to compensate the accident victims for their injuries.

Please give us a call and an independent agent will be happy to review your policy and see if you are property insured and well-protected just in case an accident happens.

Is there a comparative site for quality car insurance in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

When you are shopping for car insurance that will keep you covered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, you don’t have to look with just one company. You can visit a comparative site and consider multiple options when you browse for insurance online with your independent insurance agent.

Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Companies

Like with any product that you buy, expanding your options increases the quality of the insurancepolicy that you end up with. This is why it’s more convenient to browse through numerous companies at the same time rather than looking up insurance companies one at a time.

When you compare car insurance policies online, it makes it easier to determine which companies offer the best rates, which companies offer the forms of coverage that you need, and which companies have the best perks for drivers. Comparing car insurance companies in one place makes it easier to take advantage of loyalty programs, discounts, and introductory offers.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Don’t visit the website of a major carrier if you are looking to compare insurance quotes. The website of a single insurance company will only contain information that is flattering to their insurance products, but will leave you with little information for comparison. Instead, stick with the website of an independent agent who is authorized to carry insurance policies from multiple providers so that you can make the best choice. When you visit your independent agent online, you will immediately gain access to information on high-quality insurance providers in Northampton County.

However, a website is only a tool, and sometimes it doesn’t tell you the full story or provide all of the information you need. If you are comparing auto insurance policies online and still need help finding a policy that fits your needs, don’t hesitate to call us today to speak with an independent insurance agent.

Will I be charged in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania , If I get help from an independent agent in finding the best home insurance?

If you are looking for a great deal on insurance for your home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, look no further than your independent insurance agent. An independent agent carries policies from multiple insurance companies who serve Northampton County and can help you find the best policy that suites your needs. While your independent insurance agent is in the business of selling insurance to you, you don’t have to worry about being charged for the convenient service that they offer.

How an Independent Agent Gets Paid

You may be wondering how an independent agent makes money if they aren’t charging you to connect them with different insurance companies? The answer is actually quite simple. Independent agents receive a commission from the insurance companies from which the carry insurance policies. So when an independent agent sells you a policy, you don’t have to worry about paying the agent for his or her time. An agent’s paycheck comes from the insurance companies that they represent.

What it means For You

Because independent agents carry multiple lines of insurance for you to choose from, they tend to be more honest in the commissions game. An agent who carries insurance from a single company really has to get you sold on that company, whether they have the best policies or not. Because it can be hit or miss with customers who may not care for the particular company they represent, these insurance agents may feel more pressure to sale you expensive policies to make up for lost commissions.

Since independent agents can carry several policies, they are less worried about a potential customer walking out the door without seeing something they like. Thus an independent agent can focus less on hooking you on a single company and focus more on helping you determine which carrier is truly the best fit for you.

To protect your home with a policy suited to your needs, contact us today to speak with an independent agent.

Will my Home Insurance Cover Theft of my Kids Bi-cycle/Bike Parked Inside my Premises in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

When a child’s bike is stolen from the yard of your home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it is usually covered by a home insurance plan. Most insurance companies will cover the theft of a kid’s property that was inside the home or yard in Northampton County.

Protecting Personal Property

Although each insurer will have a different plan and policy for your house, most companies will provide basic coverage to protect the personal belongings of every family member. Even the belongings of children who live in the house are covered, regardless of the particular item.

As a result, the bike that was parked inside the premises of the house is protected under most policies because it is a personal belonging that a child in the house owned.

Providing Proof

While the company should provide some basic coverage to pay for the theft of property, you may need to provide proof of the property before the company will pay for the replacement cost. Proof can come in the form of a receipt, pictures of the bi-cycle or any other document that shows that the bike was owned by the family.

Send the proof of ownership to the insurer when you make a theft claim. You may also be required to make a formal police report since it is a case of theft.

Protecting personal property from theft is part of the average homeowner’s insurance plan, so you should be covered if a child’s bike is stolen from the yard, your garage or inside the house. If you are not sure about the coverage you have on your house, call the insurer to determine if the property is protected. To learn more about protecting your home, contact us to talk to an independent agent.