Living Under the Umbrella In Style

Congratulations on the promotion! All y of work is finally paying off.  You’ve moved into the home you always dreamed of and this year, you leased a slip at the marina for your new boat.  Life is good. However, living the high life comes with its own risks.  When you own more, there is more to lose.

You may know the price paid for the five bedroom home with three car garage, but what of all the other investments that went into making it the perfect paradise away from the office? Pools, security systems, lawn tractors, cleaning services and even the personal chef hired for special occasions all come with a price tag.  How do you intend to protect your way of life that you sacrificed for years to achieve.

Regular homeowners insurance fit the bill while you were driving a leased econobox and bought your furniture at the discount store. With possibly a $100,000 limit on medical payments, you felt reasonably protected. But now should a disaster happen to a guest visiting your home, and their long-term prognosis is grim and expensive, your deep pockets provide an attractive and lucrative source to cover all their expenses after your insurance policy maxes out.

The house, cars, boat, and all the extra perks could vanish while you are still earning enough to fund a well-earned lifestyle.

Umbrella insurance is designed to cover the gap between the customary limits of your home and auto insurance and protect your home, savings and way of life due to unfortunate circumstances.

Your new found wealth should coincide with a visit to your insurance agent to discuss your existing coverage and how umbrella insurance would add peace of mind.  Visit the folks at Saucon Insurance Agency to find out more today.

Boat safety on Pennsylvania lakes and streams

Now that summer is here a lot of people will be taking their boats out on to Idaho lakes and rivers. Just like being out in an automobile, it is a good idea to take precautions to stay safe.

Idaho has a boater safety course that is offered free by law enforcement and wildlife department officials. The course is not required, but many insurance companies give discounts to boaters who have taken the course and passed the test at the end.

Anyone 14 or under must wear an approved life jacket at all times on a boat. People over that age must have one readily accessible, which does not include stored under a seat if the boat is 19 feet long or less. Larger boats must have a flotation ring that can be thrown to someone in the water. Life jackets must say "coast guard approved" on the label to be considered a legal personal flotation device.

There are different minimum ages for operating a boat or jet ski, and that differs by county in Pennsylvania.

It is a good idea also to avoid alcohol while boating, or at least have a designated driver who does not drink. The laws for operating a boat while intoxicated are about the same as those for operating an automobile.

Stay inside the boat. Some people do what is called "bow riding" which is hanging over the edge of the boat.

Another tip is to pay attention to other boats.  Power boats should stay to the right of each other, and power boats should give right of way to sail boats.

Contact the Saucon Insurance Agency in Bethlehem, PA, to find out how to get your boat insured, and to make sure you have all you need if you are an existing customer.