5 Things You’ll Want Covered by Your Boat Insurance Policy

If you own and operate a personal boat, there are a number of things you’re going to want to be covered by your boat insurance policy. Saucon Insurance serves those in the Bethlehem, PA area who are looking for the boat and other kinds of insurance. Here are five things you’re going to want to be covered in your boat insurance policy:

1. The Places Where You Are Planning to Boat

If you want to boat more than 75 miles off of the U.S. Coastline, you may need to purchase additional area coverage in order to ensure you’ve protected the areas where you are planning on going boating. 

2. Medical Expenses

Should you have an accident while boating and people are injured, having medical coverage for injury-related expenses can be useful. 

3. Boat Damage and Fuel Leakage

If your boat is damaged at some point and fuel spills into the water, then you could be held responsible as the owner fo the boat. Being covered on this point by your policy will mean fewer expenses should this happen.

4. Liability

You can acquire liability insurance, which functions similarly to car insurance. If you’re at-fault in a boating accident, then the insurance would cover the damages to other boats and any of the other party’s medical expenses that are incurred. 

5. Agreed Value 

Having coverage for your boat’s agreed valued, the value that it’s insured at can mean if it’s destroyed or stolen you can get back that full amount. 

If you’re looking for boat insurance and are located in the Bethlehem, PA area, contact Saucon Insurance today for more information.