Does commercial insurance with sewer backup insurance cover the business properties?

A septic system backing up is a problem that may not be part of a basic commercial insurance policy, so you may be recommended to purchase coverage against the potential threat. When you purchase a commercial policy that includes sewer backup coverage, you may assume that it will always pay for the damages to the property. Unfortunately, the situation can play a role in the options that are available for your company property.

A Backed Up System

In most cases, the additional protection will pay for any damages that are directly related to the sewer backing up and damaging the property. The coverage is specifically designed to address the possibility of a backed up septic or sewer system, so your business property may be protected from some basic damages.

In the Case of Flooding

Even though you may be covered in most situations, it is possible that any sewer or septic system that backs up into your company property during a flood may not be covered. Many commercial insurance policies can have limitations on the coverage that is provided for flood damages, so your policy may or may not cover a backed up septic system if it relates to a flood in the area.

When your insurer has limitations on flood damage, it is possible that your property is not protected in that particular situation. Insurers vary, so the details of your plan and the situations that may be covered can differ between companies and policies.

A sewer backup policy is only one area of coverage, but it can help in certain situations. Depending on your plan, it may or may not cover damages to your property. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details about your options and commercial coverage.