Are Firearms Covered by Home Insurance?

The people of Bethlehem, PA are proud of their right to bear arms. This has been an issue during the election year with the attention from the national media, but it isn’t an issue purely for political reasons. Firearms also play a role in home insurance. When homeowners are shopping for policies, it is important for prospective customers to ask how firearms will impact their home insurance premiums. Saucon Insurance has some key details below.

First of all, guns are expensive items. It is important for homeowners to insure the valuable items in their home under extra personal belongings protection. This includes furniture, jewelry, and firearms. In this respect, owning firearms will slightly increase home insurance rates because they must be insured by a personal belongings rider under the home insurance policy. This rider will also pay to replace the firearms should anything happen to them inside the home.

In addition, the home insurance policy should add liability protection. For example, if a criminal breaks into the home, steals the firearm, then injures someone using the firearm, that person could potentially file a lawsuit against the owner for not securing the weapon. Due to this additional risk, home insurance rates could increase with the presence of firearms. On the other hand, this policy will add liability protection if anything happens as a result of this firearm. Do not try to hide the presence of firearms from insurance companies because this extra liability protection is essential to protecting the owner of the home and firearm from a lawsuit. Make sure this liability protection is included in the home insurance policy.

People in Bethlehem, PA need to understand the intricacies of the home insurance policies, particularly when it comes to the presence of firearms because they are both valuable and dangerous. Don’t be surprised by home insurance rates. Ask how the policy changes with the presence of absence of firearms. Contact Saucon Insurance for information on a home insurance policy today.