Insuring a New or Used Car

You may find differences in auto insurance requirements based on the purchase of a new or old car. The requirements depend more on a vehicle loan and the value over your area of residence. Keep these factors in mind when you are looking at vehicles in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

New Car

Most auto buyers take out some type of loan to buy a new car. The lender will likely require you to insure the vehicle for at least the loan amount. You will need to have theft and collision coverage for the value of the vehicle. If your car is stolen or totaled, the lender is covered. This also protects you from being responsible for a loan on a vehicle you no longer have.

Even if you purchase a new auto without a loan, you should protect your investment. If you do not have insurance, you face a full loss if your car is stolen or destroyed in a collision.

Used Car

You are not required to obtain a different type of insurance if you purchase a used vehicle for cash. If you do obtain a loan, the lender will require the same insurance as a new car. However, even without a loan, some additional insurance may be beneficial to you. Unless you purchase a very old car for a few hundred dollars, you want to protect your investment.

Older vehicles can be insured against total loss, the amount you would receive is based on the value of the vehicle at the time of loss. Do look at the additional cost of this insurance, your deductible and the value of your car. If you car is worth $2000 and you have a $500 deductible, the extra insurance may be worth it to you.

All drivers, including those in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, need to have the state minimum liability coverage. As an independent agent, we can help you determine the right auto insurance coverage for your unique situation. Contact us today for the information you need to make the right insurance decision.