Preparedness is Vital in Every Situation

No matter what kind of transportation you are using, you have to prepare for the possibility of an accident. You don’t know that it will happen and maybe it never will, but you want to know that you have taken every precaution possible to keep you as safe as possible. Just in case. Riding a bicycle is a just in case experience to prepare for.

At Saucon Insurance Agency, we have some simple ways to make sure your cycling time is safe include:

  • Always make sure your bicycle has received any necessary maintenance and fits your body appropriately.
  • Make sure you have all needed accessories like helmet, pads, and reflective clothing for night riding.
  • Be predictable to others on the roadways with you by signaling with hands and maintain you lane position until safe to change.
  • Avoid any hazards in the riding area that may cause an accident or disrupt riding.
  • Always check local cycling laws and make sure you are obeying them for your safety and others.

Now that we know some ways to stay safe cycling, have you considered how prepared you are in your vehicle? Here are some quick driver tips when encountering cyclists:

  • Have patience with cyclists on the roadways. Losing patience can cause unsafe situations.
  • Always slow down when approaching cyclists even when they are in a bike lane.
  • Be courteous and avoid yelling or honking at cyclists. This could startle someone and cause an accident.
  • Use extra attentiveness around children on bicycles as they may not yet know all the rules to cycling safety.

We know about cycling safety now, but what about other driving situations? Having sufficient insurance coverage is crucial for preparedness. Do you know if your current insurance policy has all the coverage you need? Are all your bases cover? Call us at Saucon Insurance Agency serving Bethlehem, PA and one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents can help you check for lapses and find the best coverage possible for your needs!