Common Misconceptions About Flood Insurance Pennsylvania Residents Should Avoid

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Common Misconceptions About Flood Insurance

Potential flooding is a threat that many homeowners have to deal with in today’s ever-changing weather conditions. Flood insurance gives you a security net so that you are covered in the event of an emergency. While you are researching different policies, be aware of some common misconceptions regarding flood insurance.

Flood Insurance Should Not Be A Priority

Even if you reside in an area of Pennsylvania that has a low risk of flooding, you should still consider the benefits of flood insurance. A severe storm or natural disaster can happen at any time. Flooding can cause serious damage that you do not have to worry about because you will be protected through your flood insurance policy.

What If I Don’t Own A Home

Even if you don’t own a home, you may still be at risk. Flooding can cause damage to apartments and condos as well. Without flood insurance, you risk being unprotected in the event that your property and valuable possessions are damaged.

All Water Damage Is Similar

Be sure to check the language in your policy carefully. If your property is damaged due to a leak in your water heater of a broken pipe, that may not be covered under flood insurance. Consider elevating some equipment and plumbing above floor level.

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