Different Terms to Familiarize Yourself With Before Shopping For RV Insurance

While planning your next escapade with your recreational vehicle (RV) is fascinating, having the correct insurance coverage is equally crucial. At Saucon Insurance Agency, servicing the broader Bethlehem, PA region, we aim to assist you in navigating the world of RV insurance confidently.

Understanding Your RV and Coverage

RVs are of different types, shapes, and sizes, each with unique classifications. From Class A heavy-duty luxurious motorhomes and compact Class B camper vans to mid-sized Class C motorhomes, each has specific requirements for comprehensive, collision, liability, and personal effects coverage. Additionally, the insurance laws vary by state. So, it’s essential to grasp these fundamental terms to make informed decisions about your RV insurance.

RV Classifications
RVs come in various shapes and sizes, each falling into specific classifications:
  • Class A: Large, luxurious motorhomes built on a heavy-duty chassis.
  • Class B: Camper vans that are more compact and maneuverable.
  • Class C: Mid-sized motorhomes with a distinctive cab-over bunk.

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