How RV and Camper Insurance Works

When you have an RV or camper, there is specific insurance that you must have for it in Pennsylvania. This insurance is important for protecting yourself financially as well as protecting others on the road. If you have an RV or camper and need insurance for it, give us a call at Saucon Insurance Agency in Bethlehem, PA.

Classes of RVs

When you get your RV or camper insurance, your RV or camper must be classified into one of three classes. This greatly defines what kind of insurance you need and how your policy is laid out. The biggest class of RVs are the class A vehicles. These can be as long as 75 feet and are usually motor coaches or buses that have been converted. The smallest class is class B. These encompass most campers and have a design that does not go over the cab area of the vehicle. Class Cs are made with a cargo van and have a design that does go above the cab. 

Using Your RV or Camper

How often you use your RV or camper also has a lot to do with the insurance coverage that you get. Many people use theirs only occasionally, so there’s no reason why they should pay the same amount for insurance as someone who lives in theirs. Whether you are in there part-time or full-time, you need to have coverage just in case there should be an accident. Other factors in your policy include the age of your RV or camper and how much it’s worth.

Get Your RV or Camper Covered

When you have an RV or camper, it’s important that it always has an insurance policy on it both to stay legal and to keep you financially protected. Call us at Saucon Insurance Agency in Bethlehem, PA.