What Benefits Should a Company Offer?

Benefits are crucial to attracting and keeping desirable employees in Bethlehem, PA. The best options differ depending on the type of business you run, but many companies can boost staff satisfaction and productivity by offering these benefits:

Discounts, Services

Your business might have products or services it can provide employees for free or at a discount. A hotel could supply discounted meals or free use of the swimming pool. However, offering this benefit is harder if your company primarily serves other businesses.

Health Coverage

Many employees appreciate the coverage of medical appointments, prescriptions, and operations. Some businesses are required by law to offer health insurance if they have 50 or more staff members. Adequate medical care may reduce staff turnover and help employees work more productively.

Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance generally covers things like preventive care and treatment provided by a dentist. Dental health is crucial to a person’s overall well-being. This affordable option can benefit a wide range of workers, including those who have reached retirement age.

Vision Coverage

Clear eyesight is vital to performing numerous jobs, especially those that involve reading, driving vehicles, or working with small objects. Group vision insurance typically covers eye exams and eyewear. In addition to helping retain employees, it can promote job safety.

Life Insurance

When a staff member receives life insurance as part of a benefit package, they don’t have to worry about how their family members will afford burial or funeral services if they should pass away. This coverage ensures greater peace of mind.

Saucon Insurance Agency can help your Bethlehem, PA, business design an appealing benefit program with your company’s specific needs in mind. Among other options, we offer group life and health coverage. To contact Saucon Insurance Agency for further details, please call 610-868-1800 today.