Why You Should Consider Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is something that you should definitely consider as a homeowner. Unfortunately, it is not something that many homeowners consider for their home. There are many different reasons to explore getting a flood insurance policy, even if the bottom line is just to protect your home for any potential flood damage. Continue reading for some basic reasons why flood insurance should be something that you have. 

  • Twenty percent of all home flooding happens in areas that are at low to moderate risk. That is a big percentage of floods happening in areas where it is not expected to occur. 
  • Flooding is more likely to occur when you live in an area of new construction. This is because the area has less soil that can absorb the rain as it falls. With more roads and sidewalks, the rain has to go somewhere and it may end up in your home. 
  • Flooding can happen in other ways besides rain. Flooding can happen from a burst pipe in your home or even from an above ground pool giving way. There are many possibilities and it is something to consider so that you are not surprised by random flooding. 
  • Flood insurance is not always included in your homeowners insurance policy. In fact, more often than not, it is not included in a homeowners insurance policy and you have to purchase it separately. Before you assume that you are covered, take a good look at your homeowners insurance policy to see if you currently have flood insurance. 

Contact us today for more information on flood insurance. Here at Saucon Insurance Agency, we can take a look at your current policy or even explore options for a new flood insurance policy for your home and we will be happy to help.