Does Boat Insurance Cover Other Types of Watercraft like Jet Skis?

At Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem, PA area, we know that shopping for insurance can be confusing. If you are looking to insure items that you use on the waterways, you may be torn between whether you need boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance or toy insurance. We want to make the insurance buying process as easy on you as buying. Here is some information you should know when you begin this process. 

Boat Insurance

Boats that are designed to transport more than one person, including power boats, sailboats and yachts should be covered by a boat insurance policy. In most cases, a policy is needed to even register your boat. 

Personal Watercraft Insurance

If the item you are using is primarily designed to be used by one person, such as a jet ski or wave runner, a personal watercraft insurance policy may be needed. Once again, a policy will likely be needed to even register your personal watercraft vehicle. 

Toy Insurance

If the item you plan to use on the waterways does not fall under either boat insurance or personal watercraft insurance, it likely falls under toy insurance. Differentiating between all of the options can be challenging. A great insurance company knows what factors to look at when determining what type of insurance is needed to cover your watercraft vehicles. 

If you need to insure a boat, personal watercraft or other toy used on waterways, pay a visit to Saucon Insurance Agency, serving the greater Bethlehem, PA area. We can help you determine what type of insurance policy you need and what policy limits best meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your insurance needs.