Should All Residents in Bethlehem Have Personal Umbrella Insurance?

By definition, umbrella insurance was named to connote the catch-all feeling that it was always meant to provide. If you live in Bethlehem, PA, it can sound like a cozy policy that you’ll need on a particularly rainy day. But does everyone need it? Saucon Insurance Agency is here to help you learn more. 

The Gist of Umbrella Insurance 

The short answer to this question is that not every Bethlehem citizen will need umbrella insurance. However, it is a nice type of policy for everyone to have. This insurance policy applies to liability claims, which can affect anyone — even if you don’t own your own home or business.

For example, if someone injures themselves in your apartment or rented duplex and sues you for their current and future injuries, a standard insurance policy may only cover a portion of the expenses. The same is true for auto insurance, home insurance, and boat insurance. Umbrella insurance will pick up the additional costs, in case you’re involved in a particularly lengthy liability case. 

Who Umbrella Insurance Is Recommended For 

This type of policy is usually taken out by people who are more likely to get sued, such as a prominent business owner or other public figures. But it can be an excellent option for small business owners too. For example, if you owned a home that also doubles as a business where you see clients, you’ll want additional protection in case something happens to them. 

If you have questions about whether umbrella insurance is right for you in Bethlehem, PA, call Saucon Insurance Agency today. What this policy is designed to do is give you that much coverage in difficult situations, giving you a sense of control during a trying time.